Music in Advent - Advent music live from the town hall balcony

Advent becomes a festival for listeners when live music resounds from the balcony of the town hall, daily from 5.30pm. To open the Christmas Market on Nov 27th, Adi Stahuber and his Isartal Blasmusik group will play from 5pm onwards. On Dec 24th, the Grünwalder Turmbläser will be setting the mood for Christmas Eve from 12pm onwards.

"Es wird scho glei dumper” (“it will soon be dark”): The Christmas tree on Marienplatz glitters with its many lights, the fragrance of mulled wine fills the air and Christmas music is being played on the town hall balcony. Famous singers will be taking turns with amateur choirs, wind band groups and vocal trios. An invitation to pause and relax in the centre of Marienplatz

Music programme

Monday, 27 Nov.
Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter officially opens Munich Christmas Market with Hans Steindl, mayor of Burghausen, the town providing this year‘s Christmas tree. Music: Adi Stahuber and Isartaler Blasmusik brass band, Georgsbläser Mehring-Raitenhaslach from Burghausen (brass band)

Tuesday, 28 Nov.
Aubinger Weisenbläser brass band, Men’s choir from Munich municipal utilities company, Ammertaler Hausmusik folk group

Wednesday, 29 Nov.
Unterdarchinger brass band, München Neuhausen folk choir, Perlacher Michaeli choir

Thursday, 30 Nov.
Munich Bläserbuben brass band, Föchinger Zweigesang singers, Isar singing group, the Kärtner Boarischen

Friday, 1 Dec.
Argeter brass band, Valleyer Viergsang singing group, Sauerlach-Arget men’s choir

Saturday, 2 Dec.
Trudering trombone band, Menzinger singers, Munich German-Japanese choir

Sunday, 3 Dec.
Saubochmusi ensemble and the Reisacher singers from Niederaudorf

Monday, 4 Dec.
Munich German-French choir, German-Italian chor „Il Coro“

Tuesday, 5 Dec.
Munich hunting club’s brass band, Perlacher Dreig‘sang singing group, Harmonie Olching singing group St. Nicholas

Wednesday, 6 Dec.
Miesbach brass band, Sailer Dreigesang singing group, Erlkamer Stubnmusi ensemble St. Nicholas

Thursday, 7 Dec.
Brass band from Munich city singing and music school, Höhenkirchner string group, children’s choir from Munich city singing and music school

Friday, 8 Dec.
Neurieder brass musicians, Bernrieder Dreigesang singing group, Bacher singers

Saturday, 9 Dec.
Sendlinger Weisenbläser brass band, Poinger Dreigesang, Aschberger Stubn- musi folk band

Sunday, 10 Dec.
Innleit‘n brass band, Goldreif Dirndl folk group

Monday, 11 Dec.
Cora Latino München e.V. (Latin American choir)

Tuesday, 12 Dec.
Adi Stahuber and Isartaler Blasmusik brass band, Schabmair family, Munich men’s choir

Wednesday, 13 Dec.
Music group from Munich municipal utilities company, Munich old town singers, Concordia Munich-Neuhausen men’s choir

Thursday, 14 Dec.
Gasteiger clarinet trio, Föchinger Zweigesang singers, Munich International Choral Society

Friday, 15 Dec.
Lätare-Kirche Neuperlach trombone band, Schwanthalerhöher Dreigsang singers, Petershausen singing group

Saturday, 16 Dec.
Sendlinger Weisenbläser brass band, Greek children’s choir from Aristoteles School, Munich, Munich Neuapostolischen Kirche choir

Sunday, 17 Dec.
Ismaninger brass ensemble, the Hohenofener singers, Milbertshofen-Riesenfeld men’s choir

Monday, 18 Dec.
Ukrainian Pokrow church choir

Tuesday, 19 Dec.
Ettinger brass band, Olchinger Viergesang singing group, “Unisono” choir from the Free Music Centre

Wednesday, 20 Dec.
Christine Horter, harpist, Gilching women’s choir St. Albertus Magnus choir, Ottobrunn

Thursday, 21 Dec.
Music group from Munich municipal utilities company, Unterhaching church children’s choir, Munich-Ramersdorf men’s choir

Friday, 22 Dec.
Aubinger Weisenbläser brass band, Pasinger Dreigesang singing group, Hoffmann flute duo, Blumenauer Viergesang singing group

Saturday, 23 Dec.
Kammerblech ensemble Weiss-Blau Vierg‘sang singing group, Menzinger choir group

Sunday, 24 Dec.
Grünwalder tower brass band

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