Bus Bavaria Munich

Bus Bavaria Munich

It is not just the architectural masterpiece of Neuschwanstein castle alone that makes this excursion to the Bavarian countryside well worth the visit, which is why a day trip with Bus Bavaria to this most magnificent of Ludwig II’s castles offers options to experience more than just the visit to the castle itself. With Neuschwanstein Castle Tours from Munich by luxury coach with Bus Bavaria the visitors can participate in an unforgettable tour.

Unforgettable Neuschwanstein Castle Tours

Bus Bavaria Munich

Unique excursions by luxury coach take the guests into the beautiful Allgäu region of south-western Bavaria to the charming town of Hohenschwangau, near the Austrian border. In this enchanted area they enjoy a relaxing, non-strenuous bike ride which includes a break at a pristine alpine lake where you can enjoy an exhilarating swim if you want to. For those not interested in the bike ride there are other options available, such as a tour of the interior of Hohenschwangau castle, where Ludwig II grew up and first aspired to excavate the site where Neuschwanstein stands today. Instead of taking the street up to the castle entrance which virtually all visitors to the castle use, guests are led up the back way through a spectacular waterfall gorge which most visitors don't even know about.

Yet perhaps the most significant added value of all is how much tour-guests enjoy the company of a very personable, professional entertainer and expert Close-Up Magician guide, Brad Daynes from South Africa, who has been doing these tours since Bus Bavaria began, more than ten years ago. Adventurous types can even ride the alpine slide or take advantage of the opportunity to fly directly over the castle on a tandem paraglide!

Comfort travel with Bus Bavaria

Bus Bavaria

In any case, whether you are looking for a fun activity day in addition to visiting Neuschwanstein or simply the most comfortable and efficient way to get there and back: Bus Bavaria is a great option regarding service to Neuschwanstein from Munich for most people that speak English. With Bus Bavaria you will travel in comfort, not wait in any lines and simply get a lot more value for the time and money invested for this day of vacation, guaranteed. More information here.

Bus Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle Tours
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