Cashless Payment

Vending machines in Munich

Vending machines in Munich

Many public transport ticket vending machines in Munich allow you to pay without cash – here you’ll find out where you can use what card.

The GeldKarte/PayCard Advantage

MVV and Deutsche Bahn ticket vending machines (in contrast to MVG machines) grant a discount on the ticket price in case you pay with your "GeldKarte"/"PayCard"
More Information on Single tickets

Paying with your EC Card

Simply use your EC card to pay for your MVV tickets at Deutsche Bahn’s mainline ticket vending machines.

Paying for Passes with an EC Card or GeldKarte

MVV ticket vending machines provide you with the option of using a GeldKarte to pay for your pass. DB mainline ticket vending machines will even accept your EC card.

Credit Card

At the airport, you can use your credit card to pay at any MVV ticket vending machine.
Paying with your Credit Card at the Airport