Subway, bus, streetcar: The history of Munich's public transport system

MVG Museum Munich: Exhibitions, location, opening hours

The MVG Museum in Ständlerstraße is dedicated to historical events surrounding local transportation. Discover old streetcars, a subway simulator and more.

Adresse und Öffnungszeiten

Ständlerstr. 20 , 81549 München

Historische Tram im MVG Museum
MVG, Wolfgang Grolms

The Munich MVG Museum at a glance

  • On 5,000 square meters, visitors to the MVG Museum (MVG is short for "Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft" - Munich Public Transport Company) are offered a tour through 130 years of city history and the associated development of local public transport in Munich:
  • Museum guests gain insights into technology, uniforms, accessories, signage, signals, machines, tools and the functions of the control center for buses and streetcars.
  • A total of 25 historic streetcars (including a horse-drawn streetcar from 1893), buses and work vehicles from different eras await visitors.
  • Display boards with photos and texts provide information on the technical data, manufacturers and historical background of the speedy exhibits.
  • Highlights include a subway simulator and a jacked-up streetcar that provides a glimpse into the motorized heart of the streetcar.
  • After a visit to the museum, visitors can take refreshments in the bistro and buy souvenirs in the store.
Eine historische Tram im MVG Museum
MVG, Wolfgang Grolms

Subway simulator, historical network map: The highlights

Ein junger Mann im U-Bahnsimulator im MVG Museum
  • If you've always wanted to drive a subway, the subway simulator gives you the chance. In a faithfully reproduced driver's cab with a real console, visitors navigate a virtual subway through Munich's underground.
  • Those interested in technology go to the examination pit. A streetcar is jacked up there and can be examined from below.
  • The interactive network map is interesting from a historical point of view. Here you enter a year and the map shows the subway and streetcar network of yesteryear.
  • The quiz station is built into a historic control panel from the 1980s, which originates from the control center in the basement of Marienplatz. Visitors have the chance to sit in front of the monitors themselves, which now display quiz questions instead of information about transport operations.

Historic location with tracks throughout the building

Das MVG Museum von außen
MVG Museum / SWM

The MVG Museum is housed in the main tramway workshop in Munich Ramersdorf. The historic building is listed as a historic monument. A large gate leads into the symmetrical structure, which consists of a central building and two side aisles.

Rails run through the gate and extend for 130 meters through the building. The entrance area behind it presents itself as a "workshop cathedral". Here visitors will find cash desks, an information area, a book corner and a lounge area with a terrace.

The gallery above hosts temporary exhibitions. At the back of the museum hall is an old workshop with a forge from the 1920s.

Bistro and souvenirs

For refreshments after the tour of the museum, a small bistro area is available to visitors in the entrance area. Here, those interested can also obtain a selection of fan articles and souvenirs such as vehicle models, books, videos and much more.

Opening hours, direction and entry fees

Location: Ständerstraße in Munich-Ramersdorf
Museum category: Transport
Recommended length of stay: At least 2 hours (for optimal fun)
Highlights & children's program: subway simulator, quiz station, special tours for schools and kindergartens
How to get there: Tram E7 or bus O7 directly to the museum , Tram 18 to "Schwanseestrasse" or bus line 139/145 to "Ständerstrasse"
Opening times: few selected Sundays a year. Usually these are two Sundays or weekends a month, from 11 am to 5 pm. The exact times vary.

Adults: 3 €
Children (6-14 years): 2.50 €
Pupils, students: 2.50 €
Family ticket: 6.00 €