Covid-19: No more state corona rules in effect

Corona: All rules suspended in Munich and Bavaria

As of April 8, 2023, there are no more state-mandated Corona protections.

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Transport mask requirement lifted: No more mandatory masks on buses and trains

The nationwide mandatory mask requirement for long-distance public transportation by bus and train has been lifted as of February 2, 2023. Masks are also no longer mandatory for local public transport.

Mask requirement lifted in nursing homes, hospitals and doctors' offices

Since April 8, 2023, the FFP2 mask requirement for visitors to medical facilities has been lifted. Theoretically, however, the facilities can make use of their domiciliary rights and continue to require the wearing of a mask.

Voluntary protection concepts in facilities still possible

There are no longer any Bavaria-wide access rules. However, all organizers and facilities can continue to implement voluntary protection concepts according to house rules. Please inform yourself in advance on the Internet or on site which rules currently apply!

Schools and daycare centers: Pay attention to symptoms of disease

Attendance is possible without restrictions. Parents are asked to have their children tested if they show symptoms of illness.

Corona isolation requirement lifted

The isolation requirement has been lifted since November 16, 2022.

People who have tested positive are advised to avoid unnecessary contact with other people. As far as possible, please pursue your professional activity from home and refrain from visiting public events and restaurants.

Positive test results are sent directly to the health department by the laboratories or test centers. However, you will be asked to provide the health department with additional information about yourself (>

You can also contact the health department by sending an e-mail to

Anyone who still needs a confirmation of the isolation period retrospectively (for the period before the end of isolation requirement in Bavaria on November 16, 2022) can fill out this online form to request confirmation of isolation.

Travel: Testing and detection requirements, virus variant area

There is currently no obligation to test or provide evidence for all persons entering Germany. After a stay in a virus variant area, however, there is still an obligation to provide evidence of a current PCR test. Information on which countries or regions are classified according to this category is available on the RKI website on a daily basis.

Information for travelers from the Federal Ministry of Health

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Coronavirus: Information from Munich

Official information and rules in English language about the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)