Lake guide: 9 destinations for the perfect bathing day

Jugendliche springen in den Badesee, Foto: Shutterstock
Foto: Shutterstock

Find your perfect lake for nature, barbecue and sports

You want to cool off? Munich has lots of wonderful swimming lakes to offer. Where will find good ports facilities, sunbathing areas and barbecue zones? Every lake has its own character. Here are 9 bathing paradises in Munich and the surrounding area which you should visit.

The sporty one: surfing and volleyball at Feringasee

Feringasee Volleyball, Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer

Feringasee east of Unterföhring is the largest lake in the immediate vicinity of Munich. Completely surrounded by a two-kilometre-long cycle and footpath, the popular bathing lake is easily accessible from all sides. From the north of Munich you can get there by bike in about 30 minutes.

If you feel like playing beach volleyball: there are two fields on the eastern shore. These are always well frequented in summer, so new teams can be formed quickly. Attention: The north side of the Feringa Lake belongs to the water sportsmen. Here you can surf as well as go fishing - the area is specially fenced off for this.

The refreshing one: Feldmochinger See

Badegäste am Feldmochinger See, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

Feldmochinger See in the northern part of Munich is only a few minutes away from the Lerchenauer See by bike, but it has its very own character. The largest in the northern three-lake plateau is not only beautifully framed by numerous trees, but also has a constant outflow through the little river Kalterbach. Together with the three fresh water springs, this ensures refreshing temperatures and very good water quality.

The extensive sunbathing areas create an almost rural feeling - even though Munich's city centre is just a few kilometres away. Tip: For the perfect beach body, free fitness equipment is available on the northern shore. Barbecues are allowed in the western part.

The lively one: Action at Langwieder See

Der Langwieder See in München, Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer

Barbecue area, football pitch and a small kiosk: no wonder that the southern shore of Langwieder See attracts young people in particular. The large area for sunbathing, several volleyball fields and a football field offer a lot of potential for school-free afternoons or holidays.

On the northern shore, the self-service beer garden offers Bavarian cuisine and on the nearby miniature golf course you can shoot a few balls. The easy-to-reach location directly near the A8 motorway attracts a lot of people - on a beautiful sunny weekend up to 30,000 bathers are expected to spend time at the lake.

For familys: take the children to Lußsee

Lußsee Badesee München Spielplatz, Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer

Only a few minutes away from Langwieder See is the smaller Lußsee - one of the cleanest lakes in Munich. Many families with children come here, because in the shallow water young swimmers can do their first attempts in peace and quiet.

For the necessary cooling down, the kiosk on the north-western shore offers icecream and cool drinks for small (and big) guests. In the north-east you will find extensive sunbathing areas, two playgrounds and plenty of space for other leisure sports.

The sunny one: Riemer See

Riemer See, Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer

The German Garden Exhibition in 2005 was a huge event not only for Munich, but especially for the Riem district in the city's east. For that occasion, the Riemer See was artificially created together with a park. Its wide beach on the eastern shore is perfect for relaxing - south of the lake there are large meadows for ball games or picnics.

For a small snack in between you can visit a nice beach café. Tip: On hot days a parasol is obligatory - the few shady spots are very popular and therefore almost always occupied.


The olympic one: Exhaust yourself at the Regattaparksee

Regattaanlage, Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer

The Regattaparksee near Oberschleißheim was created for the Olympic Games of 1972. So, the name not only sounds sporty, the lake actually is. Directly at the shore there is a leisure area with volleyball courts. If that's not enough of a thrill for you, you can also risk a bungee jump at the weekend. Of course you can also swim wonderfully at the Regattaparksee.

While the little ones splash around in the shallow water, good swimmers can venture to the middle of the lake and relax on the artificial bathing island. By the way: You can also swim in the long pool of the Olympic regatta facility, directly in front of the huge spectator stand. But be careful: The facility itself is still used by canoeists and rowers as a training area, so there is a separate swimming zone for swimmers.

Pure nature: take it easy and relax at Poschinger Weiher

Poschinger Weiher, Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer

We won't give away an insider tip here - but Poschinger Weiher is a very special and very beautiful little lake. Actually, it is situated right next to the Isar river - but it is rarely overcrowded even on beautiful summer days. Around the small restaurant at the shore, things are quite relaxed. Most visitors come by bike, and you should do the same. Simply ride from the city centre along the banks of the Isar to the north - it's a fantastic route.

Some parts of the bank are filled up with sand. Ideal for small children or city dwellers seeking peace and quiet. All activities on the lake, including table tennis and the beer garden, are shifted to the west side. The eastern shore usually slopes very steeply and is not suitable for bathing.

The urban one: Skyscraper backdrop at Lerchenauer See

Lerchenauer See, Foto: / Katy Spichal
Foto: / Katy Spichal

First impressions can sometimes be deceptive: This is also the case with Lerchenauer See. Although huge skyscrapers tower near the shore, things rarely get really hectic at the lake. In front of an urban backdrop and in a central location you can enjoy wonderful sunsets instead.

In the southeast zone you can also fire up the barbecue. You can reach Lerchenauer See directly with the bus line 60 - and this is recommendable, because the few parking spaces are quickly occupied in summer. After all, the popular bathing lake attracts up to 8,000 sun lovers on nice days.

Romantic sundowner by the lake? Top destinations in the surrounding area

Sonnenuntergang am Ammersee, Foto: alexm156 /
Foto: alexm156 /

No, Ammersee and Wörthsee are not directly in Munich's surrounding area. Nevertheless, both lakes are easy to reach thanks to the S-Bahn. With an average water temperature of 22 degrees, Lake Wörthsee is one of the warmest lakes in Bavaria. Several large lidos, beautiful water and many restaurants guarantee you  an almost Italian summer day here.

If you feel like getting away from it all, you can take the S-Bahn S8 to Herrsching, the final stop. The town is the ideal starting point for the third largest lake in Bavaria, the Ammersee. Even though it attracts large crowds in summer, everyone can find a place on the eight-kilometer-long lakeside promenade. Free sunbathing lawns, playgrounds, jetties with diving platforms and sports fields make the shore hugely attractive. And for those who like a cool beer in between, there is the approximately one-hour hike through the Kiental Valley up to the Andechs Monastery with its famous beer garden.




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