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Indoor swimming pools, events & culture: Easing of Corona measures from 22nd June

Die neu sanierte Olympia-Schwimmhalle, Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Indoor swimming pools are allowed to reopen on June 22th - it's not yet clear if locations like the Olympic swimmung pool (pictured) will reopen then

Changes with corona measures in Munich

(22.06.2020) The corona rules in Bavaria have been further relaxed. From 22nd June, more people are allowed to attend events, private parties with guests can hold and indoor swimming pools are allowed to reopen. We have compiled the most important changes for you.

Indoor swimming pools and saunas: opening possible again

Müllersches Volksbad, Foto: SWM/ Kerstin Grohe
Foto: SWM/ Kerstin Grohe The Müller'sche Volksbad

The outdoor swimming pool season is already underway, as indoor swimming pools in Bavaria (a good option especially in rainy weather) were allowed to reopen from 22nd June. With the indoor pools open, also the saunas and wellness areas can reopen.

The SWM is currently working on a hygiene concept and further information will follow soon.

More details on the opening of indoor swimming pools and saunas

Cultural events: More visitors to be allowed from 22nd June

From 22nd June , cultural events are allowed to attract significantly more visitors than before. From then on, the maximum number of people inside is 100, and 200 visitors for outdoor events.

Of course, this does not mean that there will be sweaty rock concerts with moshpit and stage diving. The condition for this regulation is that all visitors have a fixed spot. Speaking of music, from 22nd June, amateur choirs will be allowed to rehearse again - subject to certain rules of hygiene.

You can find out more about the relaxation at cultural events here

Private celebrations: More guests now allowed

Hochzeitstorte, Foto: soidoli/shuttestock.com
Foto: soidoli/shuttestock.com

The relaxations are not only for cultural events but also private parties. You may now celebrate on a larger scale.

Weddings, funerals, birthday parties and other private celebrations with guests are now allowed from 22nd June - 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors. This regulation for private parties also applies to restaurants.

We compiled the latest news about private parties for you here

Sports: Trainings can now hold without a fixed maximum number

The maximum number of people for indoor and outdoor sports was 20 as corona measures were been relaxed, but from 22nd June, the number is dependent on the spatial conditions on site - for example, the size of place and the type of ventilation.

Group tours allowed again from 22nd June

Do you have a group trip planned? Then we have some good news for you, as you can now embark on group tours from 22nd June.

Of course, you will have to wear your mask in the coaches, but every seat can now be occupied again. The prior safety distance rule is no longer applicable.

Curfew in Munich since 19th June, finally lifted

Bier- und Weingartens auf der Praterinsel, Foto: Samt und Sonders Gastronomie GmbH
Foto: Samt und Sonders Gastronomie GmbH The "Bier und Weingarten" location on Praterinsel

On June 22nd,  the closing time for beer gardens and restaurants was moved back an hour to 11 pm. However, this is no longer necessary due to the verdict of the administrative court on 19th June  - the curfew has completely been overturned.

More information about the court decision of 19th June



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