Employment Services

Ausländische Mitbürger

First the good news: Munich is a prosperous area, greater Munich is Germany's silicon valley, which creates many jobs for academics and workers alike. Around 50,000 people are employed in research alone, and the abundance of building land around the metropolis makes expansion easy.

If you are considering moving to Munich with your family, your children's education is the last thing you need to worry about: state schools at all levels are free and provide a sound education including at least one foreign language according to your child's personal talents and preferences. Universities do not charge fees either.

Employment Office
When looking for a job, you can contact the official Employment Office:

Agentur für Arbeit München
Kapuzinerstraße 26
80337 München
More Infos: Agentur für Arbeit
E-Mail: muenchen@arbeitsagentur.de

Unemployment Insurance
Whenever you earn money as an employee in Germany a part of it will be automatically paid to your state unemployment insurance. The longer you have worked and the more you have earned, the higher that insurance will be. Please contact the Munich Insurance Office for detailed information as soon as you start working in Munich - better safe than sorry!

Ruppertstraße 11, 2nd floor (new building), room 286
More Infos: Department of Public Order

Sozialamt (Department of Social Services)
In case of financial hardship, whatever the reasons may be, you can apply for social welfare. The Sozialamt in Munich offers assistance to people who cannot earn their living - because of pregnancy, disability or other special circumstances. Contact:

Orleansplatz 11
81667 München
More Infos: Department of Social Services
e-Mail: sozialamt.soz@muenchen.de

Labour Unions
If you work in Germany you have the right to get involved in a trade or labour union. This is a recognised and widespread practise. All unions are represented by the Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (German Union Association). Their website informs you about unions of the various branches and how to contact them. The English version only informs you about the local contact addresses, so here is a glossary for the branches represented by unions as can be found on the German website.

Bauen - Agrar - Umwelt: building, agriculture, environment
Bergbau, Chemie, Energie: mining, chemistry, energy
Erziehung und Wissenschaft: education and research
Metall: metal workers' union
Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten: nutrition and gastronomy
Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft: service union