International Students

Are you an foreign student who wants to study in Munich? Here are links to International offices in Munich's top universities.

Akademische Auslandsämter (Offices for International Affairs)
Every University in Munich has an International office in charge of all foreign students therein and those who wish to study abroad. At each office, you can find every information about admissions, visas and work permits. Whether you intend taking up a part-time job or scholarship to finance your studies in Germany, there are staff to help guide you. The International office also organises introductory courses and informal discussion groups regularly, to help newcomers interact with other students. For more information, addresses and activities of the several international offices in Munich's Universites, click here -
Link to the Offices for International Affairs

International University Club Munich
The International University Club, Munich offers a welcome programme for foreign students who have just arrived in Munich. This programme helps them get to know the city and its people before classes commence. There are also city tours, extracurricular activities, summer school and language courses (for those who wish to improve their German knowledge). Click here for more information -
Link to the International University Club Munich



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