German as a Foreign Language

Learning German is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, you can learn how to speak the language in a few months without much hassle. Considered amongst the top 5 most spoken languages in the world, having a level of proficiency makes your communication with residents and natives a lot easier. There are language schools in Munich that offer courses tailored to suit your needs and schedule.

Learning German in Munich

Are you looking for where and how to learn German easily without stress? Do you wish to improve on reading and speaking at your own pace? There are well-trained and experienced native speakers in several language schools in Munich to teach you. Living in Germany enables you integrate and practice better, but these language schools also help with boosting your communication skills.

Most language schools are privately-owned, but the Goethe Institute and the Münchner Volkshochschule (Adult Education Centre) are supported by the city of Munich. Below, you can find their addresses and a link to a list of private language schools in Munich. Please contact them for further information.

Goethe Institut
Dachauer Straße 122
80637 München
mail to: Postfach 19 04 19
80604 München
Tel.: +49 89 1 59 21-0
Fax: +49 89 1 59 21-4 50

Münchner Volkshochschule
Management and Administration
Gasteig, Kellerstraße 6, access from Rosenheimer Straße 5
Phone: +49 89 4 80 06-0
Info Centre: +49 89 4 80 06-6220



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