Technical University Munich

Number One in Bavaria

The Technical University Munich (TUM) is unrivalled in Bavaria. The federal state's only technical university has 12 faculties, 260 tenured professorships, 9,500 staff and 20,000 students, 18% of whom are from abroad. The nucleus of the university with the architecture, civil engineering, economics, medicine and sport science departments is located in the inner city. The Life and Food Sciences campus with 6 faculties and 7 departments has its home 30km further north in Freising-Weihenstephan. Garching is the campus for the natural sciences, engineering and computer science departments, several research institutes and its famous research reactor.

The number one in Germany The German Research Board (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) funds more than 13 special research areas, which is unequalled in Germany and testifies to the high quality of research of the TUM. Three scholars of the TUM have received a nobel prize since 1945: Prof. Rudolf Mößbauer (Physics, 1961), Prof. Ernst Otto Fischer (Chemistry, 1973) and Prof. Robert Huber (Chemistry, 1988).

The Technical University Munich is in close contact with regional, national and international companies and institutions. In 1999 it raised DM 251bn (Euro 125bn) from public and private donations, again coming top of all German universities.

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