Munich open air cinemas: Open air season is finally back!

Liegestühle bei Kino am Olympiasee 2020, Foto: Kino am Olympiasee
Foto: Kino am Olympiasee

Open-air cinemas in Munich: tickets, program, corona rules

The Munich open-air cinemas' season has finally begun! This year, things are going a little differently due to Corona. But that doesn't mean that you have to miss out on great cinemas this summer. We have put together everything you need to know about the open-air cinemas in Munich.

Pure summer feel: the Olympiasee cinema (Kino am Olympiasee)

Where and when? At the Olympic Park. Admission is daily from 7 pm. The main film starts at around 9:15 pm. The organizers have not yet announced how long viewings will last this year.

What films are running? Latest blockbusters, art house films and captivating 3D movies. You will find the movie program here!

How to sit: Due to the corona pandemic, there are only pairs of two deckchairs this year. Single seat booking is not possible.

What are the corona rules? Masks are mandatory everywhere at the venue. You can only remove the mouth-nose protection when you are seated. To use the toilet, follow the arrow marks, as it prevents guests from getting in each other's way unnecessarily. In theory, your entire visit to the cinema at Lake Olympiasee can be completely contactless, and there are also several disinfection stations.

What makes the cinema special? The daylight-capable screen lets the stars appear in brilliant quality. The waiting time can be spent having organic snacks, but there is no hot food this year. The screenings also take place in any weather.

How much do tickets cost? Tickets are only sold online and cost between € 13.90 and € 17.50.

A lake-side idyll: Kino, Mond & Sterne

When and where does Kino, Mond & Sterne take place? The cinema is located on the lake-side stage in Westpark. The films start in June around 9:30 pm, in July around 9:15 pm, in August around 9:00 pm and in September around 8:30 pm. The event starts on June 5th, the last performance is planned for September 6th. More about Kino, Mond & Sterne here!

What films are running?  Everything from art-house films and Hollywood blockbusters, to comedies, action and romantic movies.

How to sit : You sit on the stone steps of the amphitheater in a cozy evening mood. To make yourself really comfortable, you can have pillows or sleeping pads with you.

What are the corona rules? This year, the seats in front of the screen are placed in a way to keep safe distances. If you are not seated, you must wear a mouth and nose protector. Pillows and blankets cannot be rented this year.

What makes cinema special? It couldn't be more idyllic; embedded in the hilly landscape of the Westpark, directly by the lake, you can watch films in one of the most beautiful open air venues in Munich. Picnicking and an outdoor cinema - now that's summer!

How much do tickets cost? Tickets cost 9 euros. Until further notice, the tickets must be bought online. There is no box office for the time being!

Brand new: the pop-up drive-in cinema at Zenith

When and where is the pop-up drive-in cinema? The cinema is currently running on the Zenith site in the north of Munich, for the time being there are films up to and including June 12th.

What films are running? Current Hollywood blockbusters are on the program as well as classics. Here you can find the latest films.

What corona rules are there? You don't have to wear a mask in the car, but mouth-nose protection is mandatory for when going to the toilet.

How to sit: As comfortable as the car allows.

What makes cinema special? Have you ever watched a film at Zenith? No? Then grab this opportunity - who knows if it will ever come back.

What do the tickets cost? Tickets cost €20 per vehicle and driver, each additional passenger pays € 5, children up to 6 years can watch for free. Tickets can only be bought online.

A hint of nostalgia at Aschheim drive-in cinema

Autokino Aschheim, Foto: DWJ GMBH

Where and when? Aschheim drive-in cinemalocated a few kilometers to the east of Munich. The cinema is open all-year round (apart from 24th and 31st December).

What films are shown? Current blockbusters, romance, comedies, and action films.

What is the seating like? You sit in your car.

What are the corona rules? You do not have to wear a mask in the car, but mouth-nose protection is mandatory for when going to the toilet.

What makes the cinema so unique? Visiting a drive-in cinema is always an unusual experience, as no other cinema can offer such a private setting - and with such large seats for snuggling up. And there aren't many drive-in cinemas left in Germany. The remarkable cinema screen, which is 15 meters high and 36 meters wide, adds to the nostalgic feel. A cinema experience in a space of 540 square meters. There is also another screen that is 24 meters wide and 10 meters high, with a total area of ​​240 square meters. The film's sounds are played through your radio. The film sound comes on the radio. Due to Corona there will be no snack bar this year.

How much do tickets cost? From 7.50 euros. For the time being, the tickets will only be sold online.

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