Feldmochinger See

Feldmochinger See

Embodying three fresh water springs, it is clear how this frequented lake maintains it high water quality.

Covering an area of 165.5 meters squared (365 m wide, 860 m long, max. 8 m deep), the Feldmochinger See is the largest lake within Munich's city limits.

With a FKK zone (nudist area), beach volleyball courts, table tennis, sandboxes for kids, and water wavering between 18 and 23 °C, Feldmochinger See makes for a convenient day trip. There are also 2 kiosks, an inn, well kept showers, and plenty of parking available.

Reaching the lake is quite easy; take Dachauerstraße to Moosach and then continue from there towards Feldmoching. If travelling by train, simply take the S1 to Feldmoching.