Sports in Munich: 6 Indoor-Tips

Kletterzentrum Freimann, Foto: DAV/Frank Kretschmann
Foto: DAV/Frank Kretschmann

Where you can do sports in Munich in any weather

Even in the cold season you do not have to give up your training sessions! Here are 6 really good indoor locations in Munich where you can do sports and stay fit.

Bouldering in the climbing centre

For the professionals and experienced sportsmen among you, there are countless different routes at the highest levels of difficulty in the DAV climbing and bouldering centre in Thalkirchen and in the second hall in Freimann (Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 5). Even experts should find new challenges here.

But also as a beginner you can climb up the up to 18 meters high artificial walls and feel like a true mountaineer. There are introductory courses and equipment for rent. Young climbers will enjoy the pirate ship - with suspension bridges, ropes and climbing paths.

Recently a new corner with training equipment has been added - especially at the loops you can really get a good workout in.

Fitness at the pool

Das Nordbad in München von Innen, Foto: SWM / Robert Götzfried
Foto: SWM / Robert Götzfried

Some swimming pools help you stay fit in two different ways - in the water you will train your muscles gently and effectively, while cardio and strength machines specifically challenge individual muscle groups.

At the Dantebad, one of Munich's most popular public baths, the weight room is included in the admission price. The Olympic swimming pool and the Nordbad each have a whole fitness studio - for which you will, of course, need a membership. But one thing is common to all of them: the sauna is not far away. And it's the perfect deal to reward yourself with a sauna session after sports.

Trampoline fun at Superfly Air Sports

Trampolinspringen im Airsports Superfly, Foto: Jens Koch
Foto: Jens Koch

Jump around! Here you will go up and down on the trampoline. Since the tickets provide you with generous time to explore Superfly Air Sports park, you always have enough space and can let off steam as you like. The trampoline park is located in the east of Munich, more precisely in Moosfeld, and it offers everything an athlete's heart desires on an area of 4,000 square meters. Great trampoline fun for the whole family awaits you.

Do you know the TV show Ninja Warrior? A similar course with many demanding obstacles is waiting to be conquered by you. Furthermore, you can feel like Spider Man when you walk on the Wall Tramp or you can throw yourself into the foam pool from the Waterfall Trampolines. And if you want to combine basketball and trampoline jumping, you can unpack cool slam dunks at the basketball hoops.


SoccArena, Foto: Olympiapark München
Foto: Olympiapark München

With indoor soccer, the ball rolls no matter the weather. Playing together with friends, having fun and keeping your body fit at the same time - it couldn't be better.

In the SoccArena in the Olympic Park, teams compete at 5 against 5 on the 30 by 15 meter courts. The courts with impact protection can be rented by the hour. But remember to book your court as early as possible. At the Soccerworld in Moosach there are six courts at your disposal. And for all those who like it extraordinary: At the Bubble Soccer in Unterföhring you are stuck with your upper body in a big, transparent bubble. Sounds like fun - at it really is!

Action in the AirHop trampoline park

AirHop Basketballkorb, Foto: AirHop
Foto: AirHop

No one's saying you can't keep fit with a few jumping exercises at home in your living room. But it's much more fun with a few aids and with others. In the AirHop Trampoline Park you will get both. No matter how strong your legs are and what body height you have - in the trampoline park there are plenty of take-off aids available for you.

And there's even more action: The Wipe Out tries to sweep you off the podium in best "Takeshi's Castle" manner. You can also experience that dodgeball on trampolines is more fun than what you remember playing in primary school sports. A highlight of the more brutal kind is "Battle Beams", where you can paddle your friends off the beam with a padded stick.




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