Summer in the city: Most important questions and answers

Olympiapark: impark-Festival 2019, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher What summer in the city looks like from OlympiaPark

Corona rules, tickets, places and opening hours: What you need to know about Summer in the City

During Summer in the City (Sommer in der Stadt), Munich turns into a huge open-air stage: Where will all the spectacles take place? What are the opening hours? Are there Corona rules? We have the most important questions and answers for you here.

What is Summer in the City?

Summer in the City is not a traditional event and above all, not an Oktoberfest substitute. It's all about offering you a great program of events, spread across the city. From rides, stalls and concerts to culture or sports - there's really something for everyone.

The program is always in flux and is constantly updated just for you. The entire 6 weeks period is intended to ensure that no hotspots arise and everyone can enjoy the individual events and attractions.

You can find more information at .

What are the available locations?

Karussell am Königsplatz, Foto: Göttlicher
Foto: Göttlicher

Asides a transportable stage, which can be found in different parts of the city, there are also "fixed" locations where rides, stands, stages or other attractions are set up, including:

  • Olympia Park (on Coubertinplatz and festival site)
  • Theresienwiese
  • Königsplatz
  • Mariahilfplatz
  • Weißenburger Platz
  • Orleansplatz
  • Wittelsbacherplatz
Summer in the City
Munich's massive outdoor event
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What corona rules and restrictions apply?

During the Summer in the City, the usual corona rules still apply at all squares and for all program items. The curators also implement officially approved hygiene concepts. This means:

  • At sales areas, waiting areas or other narrow places, wearing of a mouth and nose mask is mandatory.
  • The Corona rules are posted on all rides, stalls, sports facilities and other attractions. Please read them carefully and adhere to them.
  • Places can be blocked both ways if the approved number of visitors is exceeded. In this case, there are signs to point this out to you on the way.
  • In addition, the distance rule of 1.5 meters applies as far as possible, and please pay attention to the sneezing and coughing labels.
  • The Department of Health and Environment recommends all "Summer in the City" guests to download the Corona warning app:
    Download Corona app iOS
    Download Corona-App Google Play
  • The visitors to the beer gardens are registered, usually with a QR code via the website .


How long will the Summer in the City last and what are the opening hours?

The programs will run from 24th July ( for the time being) until the end of the Bavarian summer holidays, that is 7th September.

An overview of the opening hours of individual offers:

  • Fairground stalls and food stands: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Rides and market stalls: Monday to Friday - 12 noon to 10 pm; Saturday and Sunday - 11 am to 10 pm
  • Cultural and sports programs: No pre-determined times, please inform yourself directly about the respective events
  • Theresienwiese: Leisure activities can be done as long as the day's still bright; the Palm Garden and Art in the Square are open even after dark. Skateboard workshops: Daily from 1 pm to 9:30 pm; Saturdays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.
  • Gasteig: daily 10 am to 10 pm
  • Fitness in the park: All information about this service can be found here
  • Beer gardens: opening hours depend on the respective gastronomic establishments.

What's on offer for kids?

Mini-München, Foto: Liebich
Foto: Liebich

A lot, because Summer in the City is also specially aimed at families:

  • There are numerous rides for children.
  • A range of art, games and creative activities for children and young people are planned.
  • Mountain biking, skating and trampoline jumping can be done on the Theresienwiese.
  • There is also a parcour at the Gasteig

Where are the rides located?

Sommer in der Stadt: Aufbau von Fahrgeschäften im südlichen Olympiapark, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher
  • Olympiapark (Coubertinplatz): Among other things, a Ferris wheel and a white-water ride awaits you here.
  • Olympiapark (southern festival area): Look forward to a very high chain carousel and the iconic break dance.
  • Königsplatz: Here, you can also ride the Ferris wheel and a moving shop will take you into the world of the pirates.
  • Mariahilfplatz: The rides here, like a merry-go-round, are more aimed at kids.
  • Weißenburger Platz: Here you can also find a ride for children.
  • Werksviertel: Around the Ferris wheel there are several rides grouped together. 
  • Wittelsbacherplatz: At this square as well, the younger ones can have their fun in the rides; for example, in two carousels.


Are there beer tents or beer gardens? Is Oktoberfest beer served?

There will be no tents, but several beer gardens. Namely: at the Coubertinplatz and the Olympia Tower, at the Orleansplatz, Wittelsbacherplatz and Mariahilfplatz, also a small guest garden with few seats at the Königsplatz. At the festival grounds in Olympia Park, there is a beer garden without food and one with food offers. Of course, the Munich breweries also brew your Oktoberfest beer, which is then served in the city.

There will be no beer at Theresienwiese. This will only be available again when the Theresienwiese becomes a Wiesn.

Does Summer in the City cost an entrance fee? And are there free offers?

Of course, there are no entrance fees for visiting the individual places. However, sports activities at Theresienwiese are free of charge. You can also use the Palmengarten there without paying. Of course, you have to pay for the rides.

Can I take part with my business or band?

 Basically you still have the chance to be a part of Summer in the City with your shop, your band or any other creative idea. Just send your request to Mail:

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