Coronavirus: Current rules and restrictions in Munich

Bayerischer Landtag in der Herbstsonne , Foto: Hofmann
Foto: Hofmann

Coronavirus: Stricter measures will apply until the end of January

Due to the rising number of corona infection, further restrictions on public life and physical contact have been enforced. The following measures have in place in Munich since January 11th. Also, from 18th January, a stricter mask requirement in retail stores and local transport apply. Here is all the information on current rules and their impact on travel, schools, restaurants, culture, leisure and sports.

Corona: Lockdown extended until February 14 at the latest

Due to the still too high Corona infection figures, the lockdown will be extended beyond January 31 until February 14, 2021 for the time being. This was decided by the Bavarian cabinet on January 20. The measures previously in force in Bavaria will remain in force, for example, schools - with a few exceptions from 1.2 - will continue to be closed. The FFP2 mask obligation will be extended.

The approval of the Bavarian State Parliament is still pending.

  • More detailed information: Which Corona measures apply at the moment
  • Current information and regulations for Munich at
  • Contacts: Only 1 household and 1 person from another household allowed

    You can find more information on the current contact rules at and in the FAQs section on the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior :

    The contact restrictions were tightened again. Previously, two households with a maximum of 5 persons (children under 14 years not included) applied. However this is what applies from 11th January:

    • Private meetings are now only permitted with members of one's household and a maximum of one other person outside the household. This does not apply to children below and up to the age of 3.
    • By derogation, reciprocal, unpaid, non-official supervision is permitted for children under 14 years of age in permanent, family or neighborhood organized care communities if it includes children from not more than two households.

    From incidence 200: No day trips beyond a radius of 15 km

    The following apply from January 11th, if the 7-day incidence in the county or incorporated city rises above 200 cases per 100,000 population:

    • Tourist day trips beyond a 15-kilometer radius of one's place of residence (political municipality) are prohibited. The "place of residence" does not mean your exact address, but the municipality or town. So you are allowed to stay at any place up to a maximum of 15 kilometers outside the town's / city's boundary. This explicitly does not apply to shopping or professional reasons.
    • In addition, the county administrative authorities of regions with a seven-day incidence of more than 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants may order that tourist day trips to the county or city are prohibited.
    • The '15 km rule 'for tourist day trips can be repealed if the incidence value falls for at least seven days in a row.
    • Districts affected by the new 15 km radius regulations can be found at .

    Here you can find the current corona numbers with incidence value for Munich


    Mask: From 18.01. FFP2 masks mandatory in retail stores and public transport

    Latest from January 18th : From then onwards, you must wear an FFP2 mask in local public transport and in retail stores. F ines for violations were set at 250 euros for intentional first offenses.

    In addition, masks must also be worn in front of wholesale and retail stores and in the parking lots belonging to them

    The general mask requirement still applies at heavily visited locations in the old town. Due to the current high number of corona cases, you have to wear a mask at the following places: 

    • Old town pedestrian zone (including Neuhauser Strasse, Kaufinger Strasse, Theatinerstrasse)
    • Marienplatz
    • Karlsplatz Stachus and the Stachus-Basement
    • Odeonsplatz in front of Feldherrnhalle
    • Beef market
    • Viktualienmarkt
    • Sendlinger Straße and Sendlinger-Tor-Platz
    • Rosental between Sendlinger Straße and Rindermarkt
    • Dienerstrasse
    • Schrammerstrasse
    • Country road
    • Sidewalks on both sides in Tal (in the area of ​​House numbers 1 to 48) 
    • Schützenstrasse
    • The mask requirement is indicated by signs at the entrances to the respective areas.

    Public buildings : Mouth and nose covering is also required at meetings and areas with traffic, including elevators and public spaces.

    Work : Furthermore, it is also mandatory to wear a mask at meetings and areas with traffic at the workplace, especially in elevators, corridors, canteens and entrances; The same applies to workplaces where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be reliably maintained.

    For larger gatherings in the open air, such as demonstrations, a mask is required throughout.

    At church services, wearing a mask is now mandatory also when seated.

    The obligation to wear masks has been relaxed for employees in the cash desk or counter areas of stores and at reception desks. If reliable protection can be ensured by transparent protective walls made of acrylic glass or similar, the obligation to wear masks does not apply to them.

    More about the mask obligation in Munich (in German)

    Schools and daycare centers remain closed

    • Distance / virtual learning has been in effect for all schools and grades since January 11th .
    • Emergency care is provided for children in grades 1 through 6, as well as for students in special schools and children with disabilities.
    • The vacation scheduled for February 15 - 19 will be canceled. Festive holidays planned for February will not apply.
    • As soon as the infection rate drops, a return to face-to-face teaching will be aimed for.

    Detailed information on schools is available at the Department for Education and Sport  (in German)


    • Daycare centers, vacation daycare and organized playgroups for children are closed. However, there will be options for emergency care at daycare centers.
    • Music and driving schools may only hold online classes.
    • The same applies to vocational training and continuing education.
    • Academic libraries are also closed


    Shopping and services: What applies?

    Retail stores are not allowed to open.

    Exceptions include:

    • The food trade involving direct marketing, pick-up and delivery services, beverage markets, health food stores, baby specialty markets
    • Pharmacies, medical supply stores, drug stores, opticians, hearing aid acousticians, gas stations, car repair shops, bicycle repair shops, banks and savings banks, mail order and mail-order businesses, dry cleaners and laundromats
    • Sale of press articles, pet supplies and animal feed, and Christmas trees.
    • Weekly markets are permitted only for food sales. Wholesale trade remains open.

    Since January 11th, goods ordered online or by phone can also be picked up on-site in compliance with the protection and hygiene concepts (click-and-collect / call-and-collect allowed).

    Service businesses with customer traffic where physical proximity to the customer is essential are prohibited. This includes massage practices, cosmetic studios, tattoo studios and similar businesses as well as hairdressers.

    Medically necessary treatments, for example physiotherapy, occupational therapy and logotherapy or podiatry, remain possible.

    Exit restriction: leaving your apartment allowed only for good reasons

    Leaving your apartment is only allowed for valid reasons, including:

    • The exercise of professional or official activities
    • The use of medical and veterinary services
    • Running errands, shopping in open stores and visiting open service providers
    • Visiting another household, as long as the contact restrictions are complied 
    • Visiting partners, the elderly, the sick or people with disabilities
    • Sports and exercise in open air
    • Going to official services
    • Participation in church services and in permitted assemblies according to the Bavarian law

     See detailed information on exit restrictions here

    Curfew extended from 9 pm to 5 am

    The curfew between 9 pm and 5 am, which has already been in force in Munich, has now been placed for the whole of Bavaria. You are only permitted to leave your home for the following reasons :

    • the practice of professional or official activities
    • medical and veterinary emergencies
    • exercising rights to custody and access
    • Accompanying those in need of support and minors
    • in company of the sick
    • carrying out animal care
    • similarly weighty and irrefutable reasons

    See current number of corona cases in Munich here


    Ban on alcohol consumption: Current situation

    In a ruling issued on January 19, the Bavarian Administrative Court temporarily suspended the Bavaria-wide ban on alcohol in public spaces. The curfew restrictions set out in the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance and the nighttime curfew continue to apply.

    Sale of alcohol

    No alcohol may be sold at petrol stations, other sales outlets or delivery services in Munich from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. the following day.

    Gastronomy: Restaurants closed - Takeaway and delivery still possible

    Catering establishments, like restaurants, cafes, inns, bars, clubs, discos, pubs and similar establishments will stay closed The delivery and collecting take-away meals for consumption at home remains possible.

    Company canteens have also closed since January 11th, and wherever work processes permit.

    Ban on Events

    • Events, meetings and festivals of any kind are prohibited.
    • Trade fairs and congresses are canceled
    • Excluded also, are constitutionally protected gatherings such as church services or assemblies - according to the Bavarian Assembly Act
    • In the case of church services where visitor numbers are expected to lead to capacity utilization, there is an obligation to register.
    • The previous measures, such as the obligation to wear a mask even in the square, the ban on singing (limited to liturgical singing) and the minimum distance, continue to apply at church services.
    • The Bavarian State Theaters (Staatsoper, Gärtnerplatztheater, Staatsschauspiel, Theaterakademie) will remain closed until February 28, 2021 at the latest.

    Closures in the leisure and sports

    • Leisure and amateur sports are not allowed; However, individual sports are allowed outside.
    • Professional sports events can only take place without spectators
    • Swimming and fun pools, saunas, thermal baths, fitness studios, wellness facilities are closed.
    • Sports facilities in public parks and green areas, such as football fields, skate facilities or fitness facilities are closed (with the exception of playgrounds).
    • Recreational facilities and related institutions, including amusement parks and commercial recreation centers are closed.
    • Clubs, discotheques remain closed.
    • Gaming halls, casinos, betting shops, brothels or related facilities are also closed.

    Changes in the field of arts and culture

    • Theaters, operas, concert halls, cinemas, museums, exhibitions and similar institutions including district cultural centers remain closed to the public.
    • Cultural and city tours are not allowed.
    • Libraries and archives will be closed (except university libraries).
    • Adult education providers are closed according to the Bavarian Adult Education Promotion Act. This includes the adult education centers and comparable offers from other providers. Exceptions are digital learning providers, vocational training, further education and training with associated exams, as well as first aid courses and the training of volunteer members of the fire brigade, rescue service and technical aid organizations.
    Coronavirus: Information from Munich
    The Department of Health and Environment on the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

    Travel: compulsory test when returning from risk areas

    Due to the national Coronavirus Entry Ordinance (CoronaEinreiseV) of January 13, 2021 in conjunction with the general decree on test verification for immigrants from the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care of January 15, 2021, the following currently apply:

    The Robert Koch Institute offers an up-to-date list of risk areas worldwide.

    Hotel sector: No more tourist overnight stays

    Accommodation offers may be made available only for essential and strictly non-tourist purposes.

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