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Coronavirus crisis: Effects on Munich

Bayerischer Landtag in der Herbstsonne , Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann

Measures against corona: Recent restrictions and Orders

In Bavaria, contact restrictions and the distance rule still apply. After the reopening of catering services, there are now relaxation of measures also for the cultural and creative sector. Events can once again hold - although with restrictions. Cinemas are allowed to reopen. In addition, there have recently been significant easing of restrictions for tourism, schools and daycare centres. Due to the strongly-contained spread of the corona virus, Sars-CoV-2, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has put an end to the state of emergency in Bavaria, for the time being. Here is all you need to know.

Relaxation of contact restriction - gatherings of up to 10 people allowed

Contact restrictions relaxed from June 17.

In Bavaria, public group gatherings of up to 10 people is now allowed - not only with family, but also between members of different households, as it were.
In addition, there are no restrictions on the number of people in private areas, instead "the number of persons should be limited in accordance with the general principles (minimum distance)". Furthermore: "The distance requirement of 1.5 meters and the obligatory wearing of masks in certain public areas remain unchanged."
These new regulations also apply to the catering, hotel and cultural sectors.

Source: Bavarian State Chancellery

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Private events allowed from June 22nd

The following still applies: All major events and gatherings are prohibited by the Federal Government and Bavarian State Government until 31st August at the latest.

However, private events such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduation parties or club meetings are permitted from 22nd June -  with up to 50 guests inside and 100 outside.
For art and cultural events, there have been relaxation of meaures since 15th June, with up to 50 people allowed indoors and 100 visitors outdoors. This was extended to 100 people indoors and 200 people outdoors from 22nd June. Choirs also wants to be permitted again under hygiene measures.

Since 4th June, church services have been taking place again under strict conditions.
Cinemas in Bavaria were also allowed to reopen from 15th June. You can find more information here.

Here, we inform you about the situation for events in Munich - which events are canceled or postponed.

Leisure: Cinemas and fitness studios are also allowed to reopen

Further easing of corona rules for the leisure sector was also announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder on 16th June. For example,  indoor swimming pools, indoor areas of thermal baths, hotel swimming pools, including wellness and sauna facilities were allowed to reopen from 22nd June.

In sports, there is also further relaxation. Activities resumed and the previous limit on number of people for outdoor and indoor sports were abolished, as they are now based on the respective concrete spatial conditions (room size, ventilation). 

From 22nd June, all facilities and areas where 1 person per 20 sqm of space was permitted now allows 10 sqm per person. Shops with customer traffic, leisure facilities and cultural sites like museums or zoological gardens are included.

Catering / hotel industry: Opening times back to normal

Since May 25th, catering services reopened. However, strict requirements apply in all areas - including opening times, hygiene concepts, number of guests and distance requirements. A court order of 19th June allows restaurants and beer gardens to reopen as long as they did before the Corona pandemic. .

Since May 30th, hotels, holiday apartments, guest houses and campsites can once again accommodate guests. Service providers in the tourism sector such as amusement parks, castles, excursion boats or cable cars are also available again.


Obligatory wearing of masks: Relaxed for cashiers

In shops and public transport, Bavarian residents are urged to wear everyday masks or community masks over their mouths and noses. Since April 27th , wearing masks became mandatory throughout Bavaria.

The obligatory mask-wearing rule has been eased for employees in the checkout and counter areas of shops and receptions - provided there are transparent protective walls made of acrylic glass or similar. If reliable protection can be ensured, the mask requirement does not apply to them.

Söder emphasized that fabric masks or community masks are not medical masks. They do not protect you from infection - but from possibly infecting others. Even a scarf is sufficient, as long as it covers mouth and nose and is regularly disinfected and cleaned.

More on why you need to wear a mask in shops and public transport (German) and FAQs on wearing masks in Bavaria (German)

Education: Timetable for schools, kindergartens and daycare centres

Since the end of Pentecost holidays (June 15th), classes for all grades resumed. Even daycare centers reopen for all children from July 1, 2020.

If the corona infections in Bavaria remain low after the summer holidays, from 8 September onwards, regular school operations will resume. The aim is to provide lessons for all pupils in full class size. If the infection figures change by then, alternative concepts will be available.

More information about the new rules for daycare centers
More information about the new rules for schools and educational institutions

New rules for visiting hospitals, nursing homes and old people's homes

For health and care facilities, places for people with disabilities, intensive care shared-apartments, as well as old people's homes and senior residences, the existing visit restrictions were relaxed from June 29th. Limits to number of visitors no longer apply

Strict hygiene measures and visiting restrictions are to be adhered to. "The goal is to make the visit arrangements much easier, but this always depends on specific local conditions."

More information about the new visiting rules in hospitals and the likes (German)

Cultural institutions: Museums and libraries reopen

From 11th May, libraries, museums, galleries, exhibitions and memorials are permitted to open - subject to certain conditions. From 22nd June, the 10 sqm per visitor rule applies, distance must be maintained and the catering business must remain closed in these facilities.

An overview of what museums are to open and when .

All city and state theaters and small stages remain closed too.

The Bavarian State Library in Munich and the libraries of universities and colleges have been open since April 27 also subject to hygiene meaures, control of access and avoidance of queues.

Oktoberfest 2020 cancelled due to corona pandemic

The Oktoberfest 2020 has been canceled due to the Corona pandemic. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) made the decision officially known on April 21. "It hurts us, it's a shame," said Söder. Under the current conditions, there's too much danger for a  festival of that size, and internationally known.

The Wiesn 2020 was to hold from 19th September  until 4th October. About six million visitors from all over the world were expected. In these corona times, the risk of infection would simply have been too much. "As long as there is no vaccine, as long as there is no medication, special care must be taken," said the Prime Minister.

Mayor Dieter Reiter spoke of an emotionally difficult moment. The Oktoberfest is the central festival and the highlight of the year - for the great people of Bavaria and all over the world. "And simply not letting it take place is a bitter pill." The cancellation also has an economic impact on Munich in these economically difficult times. The Central Agricultural Festival, which was planned alongside the Oktoberfest in Munich, would not take place this time either, according to Mayor Reiter.

He asked the Oktoberfest fans for their understanding on the decision and encouraged them: "We hope that we can catch up on the Oktoberfest next year - more intense and more joyful!"

No more Oktoberfest 2020 - statements, backgrounds, information and videos

Travel: Partial cancellation of global travel measures

The border controls with France, Austria and Switzerland have been terminated since 15th June. The worldwide travel warning has also been partially lifted. For most European countries, there are no more travel warnings except for Sweden, Norway, Spain and non-European countries.

More information of movement between Bavaria and Austria

(DPA / muenchen.de)

Corona: Events in Munich

In Bavaria, public life is getting back to normal - with some restrictions still in place. Large events remain prohibited until at least August 31, 2020. Please inform yourself about specific cancellations or postponements and the return of tickets, on the website of event organizers or ticket providers. .

Coronavirus: Information from Munich
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