Coronavirus: Current rules and restrictions in Munich

Bayerischer Landtag in der Herbstsonne , Foto: Hofmann
Foto: Hofmann

Corona measures: What applies in Munich currently

In view of the sharp rise in the number of corona infections in Munich, stricter corona rules now apply. The 7-day incidence value of 100 was exceeded on October 25, 2020. Munich is in the dark red area on the corona traffic. Therefore, from Monday, October 26th, the rules were tightened again. See here for information on contact restrictions, alcohol bans, mask requirements, restrictions in restaurants and more.

Contact restrictions: Gatherings of not more than 5 people or 2 households allowed

These contact restrictions currently apply to Munich:

  • For private celebrations (such as weddings and birthdays) there is also a limit of 5 people or two households.
  • At common spaces in private and public places or at a common table in a restaurant, only groups of up to 5 people or 2 households are allowed.
  • The distance requirement of 1.5 meters and the obligation to wear masks in certain public areas remain unchanged.
  • These regulations apply accordingly to the gastronomy, hospitality and art sectors.


Ban on alcohol consumption and sales at certain times

  • In gastronomy, the distribution of food and beverages for consumption on the spot is prohibited from 9 pm - but does not apply to takeaways.
  • The night-time ban on alcohol consumption at certain hotspots known from the previous weeks now applies daily from 9 pm until 6 am the following day.
  • In addition, alcohol may no longer be sold at gas stations, through other sales outlets and delivery services from 9 pm.

More information on hygiene measures and rules in catering  (in German)

Night ban on alcohol in certain areas in Munich

Since October 17th, the night ban on alcohol has applied every day in the following locations :

  • Baldeplatz
  • Gärtnerplatz
  • Gerner Bridge (Nymphenburg Palace Canal)
  • Isar floodplains between Reichenbachbrücke and Wittelsbacherbrücke
  • Wedekindplatz

Alcohol consumption ban : Consumption of alcohol is no longer allowed at these hotspots between 9 pm to 6 am the following day.

The fine for unauthorized consumption of alcohol at the hotspots after 9 pm is at least 150 euros.

More information on the alcohol ban (FAQs in German) 

Mask obligation in Munich: Regulations and fines

In stores and on public transport, people have to wear everyday masks or so-called community masks over their mouths and noses. Fines for violations were set at 250 euros in individual cases and 500 euros for several corporate bodies.

The general mask requirement still applies at heavily visited locations in the old town. Due to the current high number of corona cases, you have to wear a mask at the following places: 

  • Old town pedestrian zone (including Neuhauser Strasse, Kaufinger Strasse, Theatinerstrasse)
  • Marienplatz
  • Karlsplatz Stachus and the Stachus-Basement
  • Odeonsplatz in front of Feldherrnhalle
  • Rindermarkt
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Sendlinger Straße and Sendlinger-Tor-Platz
  • Rosental between Sendlinger Straße and Rindermarkt
  • Dienerstrasse
  • Schrammerstrasse
  • Landschaftstraße
  • Sidewalks on both sides in Tal (in the area of ​​House numbers 1 to 48) 
  • Schützenstrasse
  • The mask requirement is indicated by signs at the entrances to the respective areas.

Public buildings : Mouth and nose covering is also required at meetings and areas with traffic, including elevators, public buildings, leisure facilities and cultural sites.

Venues : In addition, mask wearing is required at theaters, concert halls, stages and cinemas, at meetings and congresses, as well as spectators at sporting events.

Work : Furthermore, it is also mandatory to wear a mask at meetings and areas with traffic at the workplace, especially in elevators, corridors, canteens and entrances; The same applies to workplaces where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be reliably maintained.

At large outdoor gatherings, such as demonstrations, the obligatory mask-wearing still applies for up to 200 or more participants.

The obligation to wear masks has been relaxed for employees in the cash desk or counter areas of stores and at reception desks. If reliable protection can be ensured by transparent protective walls made of acrylic glass or similar, the obligation to wear masks does not apply to them.

More about the mask obligation in Munich (in German)

Culture: Major events remain prohibited until 31 December

All major events and gatherings are prohibited by the federal government and the Bavarian state government until December 31, 2020, at the latest. There is an exception for spectators at sport events.

The following applies to events in the arts, culture and cinemas:

  • From October 26th, only a maximum of 50 visitors are permitted at sports and cultural events; Exceptions apply to church services, demonstrations and tertiary institutions.
  • Professional or official events may take place under the same conditions as cultural events.
  • Small markets without a folk festival theme may take place under certain regulations.
  • Church services can take place under strict conditions.

Further FAQ from the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior (in German)

These shops and service providers are here for you

Catering/hotel industry: current rules

A curfew from 9 pm has been in effect in restaurants in Munich, with the exception of take-away food and non-alcoholic drinks .

In addition, strict requirements apply in all areas, including in particular hygiene concepts, guest number restrictions and social distance. Incidentally, anyone who provides incorrect information when filling out a contact form can be fined up to 250 euros.

Hotels, holiday apartments, guest houses and campsites can once again accommodate guests. Service providers in the tourism sector such as amusement parks, castles, boat cruises or cable cars are also available again.


Coronavirus: Information from Munich
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