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Christmas post office


If you want a real “Christkindl” stamp on your Christmas post or an answer from the Christkindl then come along to the Christmas post office in the passage to the Prunkhof at Neues Rathaus on Marienplatz.

Christkindlpost, Foto: Viviane Clarin
Foto: Viviane Clarin

In early times, children could never be completely sure if their wish list had really reached the top; today it’s different: The white angel sitting behind the counter takes letters to the Christkind daily from 12pm to 6pm – and this heavenly service also includes a reply. Adults too can hand in their post to friends and family here, or put it in the letter box which is emptied daily: Their Christmas post then receives the original “Christkindl” stamp. The post office is located at the Munich Christmas Market in the passage to the inner courtyard of the town hall (Neues Rathaus). It is organised by the Austrian borough of Steyr which has a district called Christkindl.

Christkindl post office
New town hall (in the Prunkhof)
80331 Munich

November 27th to December 15th 2019, open daily from 12 pm to 6 pm

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