Krampus Run around the Munich Christmas Market

Krampus vor Rathaus, Foto: Immanuel Rahman
Foto: Immanuel Rahman

Meet scary-beautiful Krampuses at the run through the city center

Creepy, but completely harmless! At Munich's Christkindlmarkt, the Krampuses are on the loose: spectators have a lot of fun during the show runs of the tradition.

Krampuslauf at the Munich Christkindlmarkt - all information at a glance

  • The Krampus Run dates for the Munich Christkindlmarkt (November 22 to December 24 2021) have not yet been fixed.
  • At the big Krampus Run you will meet more than 400 Krampuses in the pedestrian zone, at the small one there are only 20.
  • The Krampus tradition has existed in the Alpine region for about 500 years. As early as the 16th century, the so-called "Klabaufs" paraded through the streets.
  • The costumes are not only expensive, but also quite heavy: the Krampus mask alone weighs up to 10 kg.

What you need to know about the Krampus Run

 Are the Krampuses dangerous?

  • The first Munich Krampus group "Sparifankerl Pass" emphasizes that the Munich Krampus is a funny devil who can be seen up close to touch and admire on the show run. Most of the time it is only the adults who are afraid anyway, not the children.

Who participates in the runs?

  • At the Great Krampus Run, about 30 groups from the Alpine region with over 400 participants parade through the pedestrian zone - at the Little Krampus Run, about 20 Krampuses from the Sparifankerln.

What exactly are Krampusse?

  • The Krampus is the sinister journeyman at the side of the benevolent St. Nicholas. While the latter likes to turn a blind eye to naughty children, the Krampus prefers to rattle his chain fearsomely in order to gain the necessary respect.

The Krampus tradition

Krampuslauf auf dem Marienplatz, Foto: Immanuel Rahman
Foto: Immanuel Rahman

The Krampus Run goes back to a 500-year-old tradition from the Alpine region:

  • As early as the 16th century, the so-called "Klabaufs" went out.
  • Pupils, cantors and schoolmasters of the Frauenkirche and St. Peter dressed up as bishops and allegedly caused such unrest that the police had to be called out.
  • Today, the custom of the Krampuslauf enjoys great popularity again among young people.

Elaborate and expensive costumes

Schaurig schöne Masken waren beim Krampuslauf in München zu bewundern., Foto: Immanuel Rahman
Foto: Immanuel Rahman

The elaborately designed costumes are ordered every year and differ depending on the character:

  • "Perchten", who were originally meant to exorcise winter, wear 4 to 10 horns, while "Krampuses" are characterized by a two-horned mask.
  • The cost of a costume ranges from 1800 to 2500 euros.
  • But not only is such a Krampus outfit expensive, it is also quite heavy.
  • A mask can weigh a good 10 kilograms - no wonder that the runners are quite out of breath after the Krampus run...

Watch out for the Krampus!

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