Bücherschrank vor dem Nordbad, Foto: Read
Foto: Read

Munich City Library

Die Stadtbibliothek Giesing, Foto: Michael Nagy/Presseamt München
Foto: Michael Nagy/Presseamt München

Germany's largest communal library network is a decentral system of about 30 libraries scattered over all the boroughs and one central library which also serves as a venue for literary exhibitions, readings, lectures and film showings.

Bavaria State Library

This copyright library diagonally opposite the University is open to everybody who wants to use it for professional purposes or study. Exhibitions on literary topics also make it a fascinating museum.

Literature House

Munich and its surroundings have inspired authors and essay writers for decades. The lively literary scene is not least kept alive by the Literaturhaus (Literature House) that organises readings, events and exhibitions, not only in German.

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