City Library

Die Stadtbibliothek Giesing, Foto: Michael Nagy/Presseamt München
Foto: Michael Nagy/Presseamt München

Germany's largest communal library network is a decentral system of about 30 libraries scattered over all the boroughs and one central library which also serves as a venue for literary exhibitions, readings, lectures and film showings. More than 3 million books, magazines and new media are waiting for you if you live, work or study in one of the following Landkreise (shires): München, Freising, Erding, Ebersberg, Starnberg, Landsberg am Lech, Fürstenfeldbruck, Dachau. The annual fee for borrowing is 20 Euro; students, OAPs, disabled users and a few other groups only pay half, asylum seekers and under-18s can borrow for free. All you need to get a library card is to bring your ID or passport and a document to prove that you are indeed a resident of the Munich area.



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