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"Summer in the City": An overview of Munich's outdoor programs

This is what the "Summer in the City" in the Olympic Park looks like, Foto: muenchen.de/Anette Göttlicher
Foto: muenchen.de/Anette Göttlicher

From the end of July: Rides, stalls and activities all over the city

(July 24, 2020) Summer in Munich will be beautiful - despite the corona crisis! Instead of a central festival, the joy of life will be celebrated in many places - with cultural events, rides, stalls and sports. What is planned from the end of July, who will be there, and what to expect - see important FAQs to "Summer in the City".

Summer in the City
An overview of all activities at different locations in the city
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Every information at a glance: Summer in the City web app

In the official Summer in the City web app , you have an interactive overview of all events (in the link directly below).

Therefore, you can easily find your favorite events - and all the important information.

Summer in the City: When, what and where?

Starts from 24th July, and lasts through the  summer holidays . These dates can still be changed.

Market stands, rides, cultural stages , promotions for children and adults, sports and much more - with many freebies. The program is currently being planned. 

Almost everywhere in Munich! In public places within the city's districts and in beer gardens. At the Olympiapark, at Theresienwiese and Königplatz, a much larger program is also planned. At Au / Haidhausen in Mariahilfplatz, Weißenburger Platz, Orleansplatz, Wittelsbach court and in the Werkviertel, a lot is going on.

What is planned at the Olympiapark? Ferris wheel, white water ride and more

Olympiapark: impark-Festival 2019, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

The proposed  center for “Summer in the city” is the Olympia Park . Not only should you look forward to the festival's atmosphere at the park itself, but there will likely be a stage in Olympic Stadium.

Detailed plans for the Olympia Park :

  • Stalls, market stands, carousels and restaurants in Coubertinplatz and along the Olympiasee (Olympia Lake)
  • Amusement rides  at Coubertinplatz and on the festival grounds in the southern Olympia Park : including a ferris wheel; the world's largest portable white water ride "Rio Rapidos"; the running shop "Jumanji"; the Heidi The Coaster roller coaster, the Bayern Tower, the Rainbow Star children's carousel and Break Dance No. 1.
  • On the festival site, the theme "Bavaria" is in the spotlight, including the world's largest transportable maypole
  • The summer stage is to be built in the Olympia Stadium. There you can look forward to 6 weeks of concerts, shows and other events
  • Already running is the Open Air Cinema at Olympiasee
  • For kids, there is a varied program called "Mini-Munich" in the Olympiapark


What's on offer at Theresienwiese?

Bavaria, Foto: muenchen.de/ Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/ Michael Hofmann

As you already know, there will be no Oktoberfest this year, but Theresienwiese will be the spot for “Summer in the City”:

  • There should be a wide range of sports here. You can play basketball and tennis, learn skateboarding or climb a boulder wall.
  • In the southern part, a small music and arts festival is to be held.
  • A few showmen will also set up their stalls and rides.
  • A palm tree garden should provide that holiday home feeling.

What's on at Königsplatz: Ferris wheel, showmen and more

Sommer in der Stadt: Ein Karussell am Königsplatz in München, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

You'd also meet showmen and their attractions at Königsplatz this year. Another Ferris wheel could be standing here - with a fantastic and unique view of the city center from a height of 50 meters.

There are no concrete decisions for other public places yet. Maybe showmen will be allowed to set up in the Werksviertel, in Schneckenplatz at Bavariapark or at the Friedensengel.

What cultural events are planned? Summer stage, hiking stage and much more

Das Münchner Stadtmuseum im Sommer, Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read
Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read

There will be an outdoor cultural program - with concerts, shows, cabaret and events by various organizers from all over Munich. Here is a peek:

  • The large summer stage will be in the Olympic Stadium
  • A hiking program brings cultural events directly to your neighborhood. Thirteen different locations are to be covered one after the other
  • Other stages are planned in the courtyard of the city's museum, in the Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum, in the Deutsches Theater premises and at the Celibedacheforum of the Gasteig.
  • More on the outdoor cultural events

Where are the market traders and the Auer-Dult flair?

Brandmalerei auf der Auer Dult, Foto: LHM-RAW/Lukas Barth
Foto: LHM-RAW/Lukas Barth Many "Dult" stands soon to be found at other Munich locations

The Association of Market Merchants and Showmen would likely organize a program in four Munich locations:

  • Mariahilfplatz, Orleansplatz, Weißenburger Platz and Wittelsbacherplatz

This is supposed to provide the typical Auer-Dult feeling, because it is mainly the market clerks you already knew from the Dult that'll likely be represented. In addition to Bavarian delicaciesshopping offers, traditional costumes and dishes, there will probably be one or more little rides here.

How will the beer gardens be a part of Summer in the city?

Karussell im Hirschgarten, Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann

The Magdalene-summer days at Hirschgarten leads the way: beer garden atmosphere meets folk festival mood.

On a smaller scale, this would probably take place during the "Summer in the City". More than 20 beer gardens would bring individual stands and rides to their sites. Discussions are still ongoing.

What do I have to register for?

If you go to any of the beer gardens at the Summer in the City, for example at Coubertinplatz or Orleansplatz, then you have to register as a Corona measure. Usually this can be done with a QR code via darichreinde.


What activities are there for kids?

Mini-München, Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich

In addition to rides and stalls, there's more for kids:

  • The Mini-Munich holiday program is spread over several locations from 27th July - 14th August. The children can let off steam daily from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm in the entire city. From parks, squares, and museums, to cultural institutions and also in Munich's city hall, they can playfully recreate city life. More information about Mini-Munich 
  • The city's ​​youth welfare office, alongside the youth facilities, organizes cultural events and mobile fun activities in public places for children, young people and adults. There will also likely be music and dance for young people.


Is there a place for arts and crafts?

Impressionen vom Stadtgründungsfest in München., Foto: Lukas Barth
Foto: Lukas Barth

The City foundation festival (Stadtgründungfest) would have been the highlight of the year: Instead, there are planned 5 markets for the artisans, between Odeonsplatz and Max-Joseph-Platz.

From 6th August  till 4th September 2020, on Thursdays and Fridays (10am - 8pm), the hygiene concept envisages around 40 retailers. They are expected to maintain a distance of five meters between their stands.

What sports are there? Fitness in the Park and more

Fit im Park 2020, Foto: Getty Images
Foto: Getty Images
  • The "Fitness in the Park" program collaborates with "Summer in the city": Daily from 6 pm. you can train free of charge in Westpark, Ostpark, Luitpoldpark and Riemer Park. Whether yoga or fitness training - just drop by and join in. In the morning, you can meditate in the Rosengarten from 8 am.
  • At the south-east of Theresienwiese, Munich's recreational sports program offers a free mix of trendy and team sports: table tennis, speedball, mountain biking, Wiesn wadl workout, frisbee, beach volleyball and more.
  • The Gasteig will probably be transformed into an outdoor sports field with parkour and wall tramp on offer. Four training events are planned.
  • On the Museumsinsel, there will be a skateboard rental with courses; a trampoline facility with air track is planned for Willy-Brandt-Platz at Riem or Theodor-Heuss-Platz at PEP in Neuperlach.


What about the Theme paths?

Theme paths are to link different activities of the "Summer in the City".

For instance, you can go on the "Au-Haidhausen-Path", the "Sport Path" or (if you want it a little easier) on the "Beer Garden Path".

These paths are part of the hygiene concept in order to equalize the flow of visitors.

Who is behind "Summer in the city" and why does it exist?

Who :
"Summer in the City" is being organized by the City of Munich, associations, clubs and private organizers.

Why :
Due to Corona, big events are prohibited in Bavaria until October. Oktoberfest, the Auer Dult, Tollwood and many other festivals were canceled. These especially affected the showmen, market traders, restaurateurs and cultural workers financially. The "Summer in the City" is not intended to be a substitute for the big events, but it is intended to help Munich's economy. And of course, to provide fun for Munich's residents and visitors alike!

How :
The general Corona regulations for events in Bavaria apply. These rules can still change before the event starts. Keep to the hygiene regulations, remember the minimum distance required and always take your mask with you.


  • Contact person for media :

State Capital of Munich
Department for Labor and Economy
Department 6 Events
Email: presse-veranstaltungen.raw@muenchen.de
Phone: 089 / 233-82811 (Dr. Gabriele Papke) and 089 / 233-82804 ( Claudia Bauer)

  • Current digital press kit :

https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Referat-fuer-Arbeit-und-Wirtschaft/Presse/Pressemitteilungen/Pressemteilungen--Sommer-in-der-Stadt--2020. html

Text: Michael Hofmann, Sebastian Binder
July 2020.

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