Summer in the City 2021 in Munich: Information and program

Riesenrad am Königsplatz, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher Once again, there is a Ferris wheel at Königsplatz this year!

Concerts, culture, rides: Here's how the summer is going in the city.

This summer, the open-air program with showmen, attractions and cultural events in Munich gets underway. On July 23, the cultural program in the Olympic Stadium kicked off as the core component of the Summer in the City, and since July 28, the rides have also been up and running in many places. But there is also a lot to experience beyond that. Here we present the most important places and program points of the Summer in the City 2021.

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Starting from Königsplatz: The Summer in the City begins!

The starting shot for the summer in the city has officially been given. On Wednesday, July 28th, economic advisor, Clemens Baumgärtner opened this year's edition of the large open-air program at the big wheel on Königsplatz. The rides and booths on Theresienwiese were opened with a traditional gun shooting that same evening.

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When and what: The most important information about Summer in the City of 2021

, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

Wish to ride a Ferris wheel on Königsplatz? Then have a few chocolate fruits in the Olympic Park, after the "Wild mouse"? Or enjoy culture and concerts on various stages across the city? During the summer in the city, you get to experience some of Munich's most beautiful places in a different way! It's a little folk festival distributed uniquely throughout the city. Ideal for a short visit during the week, a nice weekend, spontaneously alone or with the whole family!

When :
The cultural program for 2021 Summer in the City at the Olympic Stadium has been running from July 23rd. Since July 28th, the fairground rides have been rotating in various places in the city - until August 22nd. Many other activities in the program that are part of the Summer in the City are currently ongoing.

Summer in the City today: The program in the daily calendar

Sommerbühne im Olympiastadion, Foto: Ole Zimmer
Foto: Ole Zimmer

There's a lot to do in the city this summer! Check out great concerts, exciting events, varied cultural events and lots of activities to join in.

In our daily calendar, we present the current highlights so that you are always well informed about what's coming up next.

Sports, culture, children's program: That and more is what you'll experience in the city this summer

, Foto: Rico Güttich
Foto: Rico Güttich
  • Carousels and rides: fast or easy, classic or extraordinary, the rides throughout the city are always worth a visit. Thanks to the stamp campaign (Stempelaktion), you can even win a prize while driving. These are the highlights.
  • Concerts and cultural events: The summer cultural program in the city is packed with concerts, shows, cabaret and events. From Culcha Candela to Harry G, from Campino to MoopMama. Here is the overview.
  • Activities for families: Get out for some fresh air and experience something together. Great hands-on activities, workshops, sports offers and much more are on the program for children and families in the city during the summer .
  • Customs and traditions : At the numerous events, you can experience guns with riflemen, traditional costume clubs and Bavarian dance culture. There is also a great competition waiting for you.
  • Sports offers: Anyone who wants to do sports in the next few weeks has come to the right place - with the offers on the Theresienwiese . With beach volleyball, bouldering, yoga or fitness, there is something for everyone here.
  • Auer Dult at Mariahilfplatz (already over): From July 24th to August 1st you could also experience the Dult feeling in summer in the city - shopping opportunities, delicacies and rides included.

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Munich parks and squares for Summer in the City 2021

, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

The decentralized open-air program in the city during the summer will have three major centers in the Olympiapark, on Königsplatz and Theresienwiese. An exciting mix of popular and spectacular rides, a cultural program, delicious food and drinks as well as relaxation and sports offers await you at all three locations.

But you can also experience Summer in the City at many other locations:

  • Au-Haidhausen : During the " Orleans Summer ", snack and market stalls, a beer garden and a colorful cultural program await you at Orleansplatz near Ostbahnhof. See all the highlights in the Au and Haidhausen .
  • Werksviertel Mitte : The Umadum Ferris Wheel is part of the summer event in the Werksviertel. From 6th to 22nd August, the Trachtival festival brings rides and stalls to the Werksviertel.
  • Munich districts : Many small stages in the districts and projects ensure that the cultural summer can be experienced everywhere. The district festival “Ois Giasing” will take place this year as an open-air series with a live music program at different locations. There is also a lot of ongoing events in different districts in Munich.
  • Other collective gardens (Kollectivgarten) : The collective garden 3000 is located in Sugar Mountain, the old concrete plant in Obersendling (which is used for a while), and Harald's collective garden is back in Giesinger Weißenseepark.
  • Pop-up stage Monacorona : The collective band Monacorona is back on the road with a mobile pop-up stage. The concerts take place on Thursdays and Fridays from 6.30 pm to 10 pm every week until October 1st. The first three weekends in August are excluded.

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Video: "Aiming high" in Summer in the City - an all-round program

Locations and houses in Munich with specials for Summer in the City of 2021

, Foto: Sandra Strobl
Foto: Sandra Strobl
  • Munich City Museum: On July 9th, the starting shot was fired for "Summer in the Courtyard (Sommer im Hof)", the cultural program with a concert in the inner courtyard of the Munich City Museum. From August 4th to 24th, silent films will be shown every day except Mondays at the "International Silent Film Days" with live music. The stage will be used again from August 25th, by Munich live and independent clubs as well as representatives of the modern folk music scene.
  • Pasinger Fabrik: At Ebenböckhaus park, the "Sommerfrische" takes place until mid-August - an open-air festival with a varied program. Concerts, cabaret, theater: there is something for every taste. More information about sommerfrische
  • Deutsches Museum: The Deutsches Museum participates in the summer in the city with its "Science Summer" until the end of September : lectures, science shows, concerts, workshops and much more take place in open air in the inner courtyard of the museum every day from 12 noon. As the motto of the house says: "Experience knowledge".
  • Deutsches Theater: There is also an open-air stage in the courtyard of the Deutsches Theater - among other things, Django Asül will be a guest there on August 20 with his cabaret program “Offenes Visier”, and Hugo Strasser's Hot Five will play on August 21.
  • Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum: Munich's most bizarre museum sends artist duos on the "summer board": At the fourth event, Constanze Lindner and Ludwig Wolfgang Müller on August 5th. For children there is a holiday workshop from August 2nd to 4th with a fun and instructive fire brigade.

    Many cultural offers are part of the great "Summer in the City" - the complete program for the cultural summer in the city can be found here at

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The opening times of Summer in the City

, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

An overview of the opening times at individual locations:

  • Olympiapark: 29th July till 22nd August 2021, 11 am - 11pm
  • Königsplatz: 28th July till 22nd August 2021, 11am - 11pm
  • Theresienwiese: 28th July till 22nd August 2021, 11am - 11pm
  • Orleansplatz: 22nd July till 5th September 2021, 11am - 10pm
  • Trachtival: Werksviertel festival from 6th till 22. August 2021
    Monday - Friday 2pm till 10:30pm; Saturday & Sunday 12noon - 10:30pm


What Corona rules apply?

Different rules apply to the show areas in Königsplatz, Olympiapark and Theresienwiese as well as on Orleansplatz. Please note the information on site.

The following applies to all seats:

  • When the number of guests has been reached, seats are temporarily blocked. Please visit other places for the summer in the city. Tips can be found in the app.
  • In addition, of course, the distance rule of 1.5 meters applies as far as possible. Also pay attention to the sneeze and cough label, and the corona rules posted on site
  • In all catering areas, FFP2 masks must be worn right up to the table. Then they can be removed. Registration forms must be filled out in order to follow up contacts.
  • Anyone who suffers from a SARS-CoV-2 infection, experiences typical symptoms or has contact with people who suffer from them or who are subject to quarantine is excluded from participation in all events. Anyone who falls ill on the pitch has to leave immediately.

What's the cost of Summer in the City?

There is no entry fee to visit the individual places, and the sports activities on the Theresienwiese are free! You can also use the palm garden without paying anything. Of course you have to pay for the rides.

There are many free offers at the cultural events, while for others like the summer stage in the Olympic Stadium, you have to buy tickets.

Review of the 2020 Summer in the City

The premiere of Summer in the City started on July 24, 2020 and lasted - with an extension - until October 4.

Attractions such as the Ferris wheels on Königsplatz and in the Olympic Park were only part of the variety program. In terms of culture, there was a lot to offer on the summer stage in the Olympic stadium, the mobile stage (which was hosted in various Munich locations), or in the Werksviertel. The "Art in the Square" campaign invited participants to take part in workshops at Theresienwiese. The Department for Education and Sport also set up various sports facilities there. There was also a secluded palm garden to relax.

Economic advisor Clemens Baumgärtner drew an extremely positive conclusion of the first Summer in the City: "The people of Munich as well as the guests of the city accepted the offers well. Some offers even much better. The 'Summer in the City' was a relaxed event for all with a wide range that has never been seen before in Munich."

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