Natural gas

M-Ökogas - Green gas

M-Ökogas green gas does not simply offer a dependable supply of natural gas. CO2 emissions produced through the use of natural gas are entirely offset with M-Ökogas, enabling you to contribute to climate protection.

Why not switch to M-Ökogas green gas? M-Ökogas is available throughout Germany.

Product features at a glance:

  • M-Ökogas green gas is a specially developed product for residential and business customers.
  • M-Ökogas offsets CO2 emissions produced by natural gas through high-quality reduction certification.
  • M-Ökogas fosters sustainability.
  • CO2 compensation allows you to contribute to environmental protection.
  • The product meets the demanding quality and certification criteria of TÜV Süd standard "Klimaneutralität" (CMS 41).
  • M-Ökogas supports internationally recognized and certified climate protection projects.
  • Price guarantee* until 31/03/2013
  • M-Ökogas (green gas) can be purchased throughout Germany.

Consult the M-Ökogas tariff advisor now to find out which natural gas product is most economical for you.

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* The price guarantee is limited to the energy costs share and network charges, but not on taxes, charges and allocation.

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