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M-net telephone, internet and mobile

Maxi DSL

Use high-speed DSL and the option for mobile internet and phone

M-net’s own high-speed network brings with it independence from other operators as well as flexibility in product development and prices. In addition to the many companies, private customers in Munich also profit from this infrastructure and value the attractive telephone and internet connections with extensive tariff options.

  • Maxi fibre-optic DSL: the comprehensive package for super-fast surfing and endless calls thanks to the double flat for a good value fixed price. With a bandwidth of up to 100,000 Kbit/s Munich surfs at the speed of light.
  • Maxi DSL: DSL and telephone connection including double flat-rate with up to 18,000 Kbit/s
  • Maxi mobile: the perfect addition for anyone who wants to have good value calls or surf the internet on the go. With the Partner & Families flat, flat-rate calls to all M-net SIM cards as well as to and from M-net phones is included.

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