Discover Munich virtually - with the new VR app from

360°-VR app for Munich: Three-dimensional panoramic images and videos on the web and as an app

Experience Munich’s sights using the 360° virtual reality (VR) app for Munich, with or without a VR headset. Just as if you were here.

Take a look around from the historic centre to the Alps; navigate from the surfers at Eisbach to the beer garden at the Chinese Tower. Stroll through Viktualienmarkt and adopt the perspective of a local market seller. Visit the Frauenkirche or surround yourself with modern art at the Pinakothek der Moderne. Watch the sun rise over Munich from the roof terrace of Hotel Bayerischer Hof or enjoy the magnificent views from the roof of the Mandarin Oriental. 

Whether panoramic photos or motion pictures in the 360-degree video, the Munich 360°-VR app offers extraordinary vistas of the city’s highlights which captivate tourists and local Munich residents alike.

Once your mobile phone is placed into a VR headset, the 3D effect is created as each eye sees only one of the two images (similar to earlier stereo photographs or stereoscopy).

Get started right away - by simply using your internet browser

Headset or no headset: here you can start the VR app in your browser with ease!
(Please ensure you have an active Wifi connection wherever possible as a lot of data is transmitted.)

VR app as a download


How can I use the VR app?

With a cardboard viewer

Google Cardboard

A little cardboard, two plastic lenses, adhesive tape and a magnet - Google Cardboard has one primary aspiration: to make virtual reality available for every budget. Modellers can access the assembly guide for Cardboard free of charge, directly from the Google website. Anyone who doesn’t fancy doing that can also simply purchase a Google-certified viewer online for a small price.

You’re then just a few steps away from your virtual tour of Munich: simply download the app ‘VR München 360 für Cardboard’ [VR Munich 360 for Cardboard] for your iOS or Android device. Then start the app and place your mobile in the cardboard holder. If the app asks you to synchronise the viewer, you can either scan the barcode or click ‘ueberspringen’ [skip’] if you have a new-generation viewer.

With a GearVR

Samsung GearVR, Foto: Samsung
Foto: Samsung

Around 185,000 people in Germany already use GearVR - that’s according to the manufacturer Samsung. Are you one of the lucky ones? Excellent - in that case, with this viewer, the right smartphone and our app, you’ll now also be able to visit the most beautiful spots in Munich from the comfort of your sofa.

How it works: simply first install and configure the Gear app for your Samsung smartphone. Then search for our 360°-VR app for Munich in the Oculus Store and install it; the app should be available there within the next few days. Have fun exploring Munich’s sights!


With an Oculus Rift

Oculus, Foto: Oculus
Foto: Oculus

The Oculus Rift combined with a powerful PC is considered the Porsche among VR headsets, providing more or less the highest quality currently available on the virtual reality market. Those who possess this high-tech headset not only enjoy great processing and top quality, they can also take a virtual tour through the best city in the world - simply using our VR app.

How it works: once you have fully set up the Oculus Rift, download the Munich 360°-VR app from the Oculus Store. The app should be available there within the next few days. Now all you have to do is launch the app; you can then get started. Have fun on your virtual tour through Munich!

Without an additional viewer

The content of the VR app can also be used on PC and smartphone (without the 3D effect).

How it works: start the application here in your browser. The web version can either be navigated using the PC mouse or motion control on your mobile. On the map of Munich blue markers can be clicked, allowing you to quickly switch to the next sight.

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