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Corona rules: How visits to restaurants and beer gardens will work

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Foto: Neni

Gastronomy opens: Hygiene, masks, minimum distance. What is allowed?

Gastronomy in Bavaria has gradually reopened - as beer gardens and indoor restaurants resumed operations. But what will visiting these places be like, in these Corona times? Will the minimum distance requirements between a waiter and guests still apply when eating out? Will you have to wear a mask at the table? A hygiene framework by the state government sets clear guidelines, and here are rules to observe when you dine out.

Restaurants: Rules for eating out

As outdoor catering services restarted n mid-May, a piece of normalcy has returned to everyday life in these corona times. A week after, indoor restaurants and bars reopened as well. However, visiting a beer garden, café or restaurant is now different from what it was before the pandemic.

Individual establishments can adjust some measures depending on the circumstances. Here, we bring you the most important points to prepare you for eating out in these corona times.

How many people can I eat with?

You can visit restaurants with your family, members of another household, or with a group of 10 people (the latter starts from 17th June).

Do I have to keep the minimum distance always?

Guests must always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other - except at a table with people / families who are allowed to interact with each other anyway. This distance requirement also applies outdoors, for example in the beer garden.

Asides that, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters also applies between waiters and guests. The framework concept states: "To ensure compliance with minimum distance between guests and service personnel, service must also be reduced".

Do I have to wear a mask in the beer garden?

Guests must wear a mask in all areas except at the table - that is, from the moment they enter the restaurant and also when they go to the toilet. This also applies to the beer garden.

What you should know about visiting a beer garden in these corona times

Do I always have to reserve a table?

Gedeckter Tisch im Restaurant

Tables in the indoor area should be reserved in advance according to the framework concept; group reservations for several tables are not permitted. Spontaneous visits are generally possible , though - in this case, a main person must provide their contact details.

Do I generally have to leave my contact details?

Restaurants should keep a guest list with names, telephone numbers and the period of stay - to enable tracking in case of infection.

Am I allowed to enter any restaurant?

That depends on the workload. Establishments must limit entry to ensure that not more people than permitted enter the premises.  The minimum distance also applies in queues or in the waiting area.

Furthermore, If you have symptoms such as respiratory problems, fever, or you've had contact with a COVID-19 infected person in the last 14 days, you are not allowed to visit restaurants.

What other hygiene precautions do restaurants have to take?

Utility items such as menus, trays or napkins should be cleaned or changed after each use.

Can celebrations take place in restaurants?

From 22nd June, celebrations could take place again in restaurants - as long as they are not aimed at the general public and are only attended by a foreseeable group of participants. These include weddings, funerals, birthday parties and possibly graduation parties or club meetings. It is important to ensure that the maximum number of guests is not exceeded - not more than 50 indoors and 100 outdoor.

How long are restaurants allowed to open?

For the time being, restaurants with indoor seats may remain open until 10 pm - outdoor restaurants (like beer gardens) until 8 pm. Though s ince May 29th, the opening times have been adjusted - and outdoor catering can now open until 10 pm. From June 22nd,  the curfew changed. It will end at 11 pm, for both indoor and outdoor spots.

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