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Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe at Marienplatz

Weißwurstfrühstück, Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz
Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz

The Restaurant-Cafe is located at one of the most beautiful and liveliest places in Munich: the Marienplatz. It was former known as the restaurant "Zum Ewigen Licht", where the landlord at that time – Joseph Moser – discovered the now well known recipe for "Weißwürste" (white sausages) in the year 1857.

The Wildmoser Restaurant-Cafe at Marienplatz has been closed for quite a while now, but in august 2017 there has been a new opening. The birthplace of the "Weißwurst" will be a true culinary delight for visitors and locals with its fine Munich menu.

Specialty about the cafe: Birthplace of the Weißwurst

Weißwurst at Cafe am Marienplatz, Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz
Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz

Almost unbelievable, that the development of the Munich "Weißwurst" (white sausage) was more of an accident than intention. On a "Rosenmontag" (carnival Monday) in the year 1857 the councilmen enjoyed their usual morning pint in the restaurant "Zum Ewigen Licht". Hunger was mighty and the beloved Munich city sausages soon ran out. Getting replenishments was difficult: The needed intestines were lacking.

But as a smart Munich man landlord Josef had a clever idea. The prepared sausage meat was simply put into existing bratwurst intestines and boiled. The sausages were put onto the table in big bowls filled with hot water. The councilmen tried them and sighed: "Ah, Weißwürscht!".

The success of this creation followed soon. The councilmen ate so many sausages, like never before in the restaurant "Zum Ewigen Licht". Josef Moser over the time enhanced the recipe with lots of parsley, lemon zests and mace. The Munich "Weißwurst" got its unmistakable taste and conquered the world from this restaurant as a starting point. Over 150 years later it is an absolute speciality of Munich and is traditionally eaten with pretzels, sweet mustard and beer.

Beautiful location: In the heart of Munich

Marienplatz, Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz
Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz

Already since Munich has been founded in the year 1158 the Marienplatz represented the heart and center of this beautiful city. Throughout the centuries fountains, memorials and new buildings have been added, in the year 1888 followed the street railway.

Today the Marienplatz is the center point between Isartor, Karlstor and Sendlinger Tor. During WWII it was badly affected and many buildings around Munich’s Marienplatz were destroyed – many ruins had to be demolished.


Only in 1972 the Marienplatz got a new meaning because of the completion of the pedestrian area construction. It is now the center of the pedestrian area in Munich and venue of many seasonal special features like the annual Christmas market and the famous chime of bells of the New Townhall, which takes places every day at 11 am and 12 am and from march till october at 5 pm.

The restaurant "Zum Ewigen Licht" is part of the enormous, colorful history of the Marienplatz and is now restored as Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe at Marienplatz, a beautiful reminder of the birthplace of "Weißwurst" (white sausage).

History of the building

Marienplatz, Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz
Foto: Cafe am Marienplatz

The history of the house, in which later on the "Weißwurst" was developed, is long – firstly known in the year 1500. In the beginning it was just a building made of two houses and a few floors, later on in the 17th century it presented itself as a beautiful city house with five floors, impressive onion shaped towers and idyllic roof structures – an appearence, late medieval and richly decorated, that would last long into the 19th century. Read more »


Cafe am Marienplatz
Marienplatz 22
80331 München

Opening hours: daily from 10am – midnight

Up-to-date information and reservation:

Phone: Tel. +49-89-24 20 76 60



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