Zum Spöckmeier

Beergarden Zum Spöckmeier, Foto: Zum Spöckmeier
Foto: Zum Spöckmeier

Ever since 1450 the „Zum Spöckmeier" has been one the main ale houses in Munich, and even today with its typical local cuisine and own butchers it is still one the main restaurants in Munich.

Zum Spöckmeier

Restaurant and beer garden near Marienplatz

Restaurant Zum Spöckmeier , Foto: Zum Spöckmeier
Foto: Zum Spöckmeier

Its patron Lorenz Stiftl with his vision of both traditional and modern elements ensures that it will continue for the years to come. The Traditional Ale House Zum Spöckmeier is situated on Rosen Strasse in Munich City centre near Marienplatz and has a capacity of over 156 seats.

Typical bavarian food

Oberpollinger, Foto: Zum Spöckmeier
Foto: Zum Spöckmeier

Since April 2009 the refurbished ale house has been welcoming its guests with a mixture of both the traditional and modern fittings, the historic pictures and modern lighting complete the warm welcoming surroundings.

Both the Bar area and events rooms are an integral part of the new design concept. The Ale House „Zum Spöckmeier" is renowned for its typical Bavarian food, its freshly produced meat products from its own butchers and of course the Weisswurst.

Morning Hour & Bavarian Tapas

Oberpollinger, Foto: Zum Spöckmeier
Foto: Zum Spöckmeier

From Thursday to Saturday the restaurant offers a "morning hour" and is open until 3:00 am. In a specially created menu features at night all sorts of Bavarian delicacies, savory delicacies and „everything to quench your thirst“.

Spöckmeier also offers „Bavarian Tapas“, the small "fancy Bayern" for the little breaks. If you can not decide on a meal, or you have very little appetite, then Spöckmeiers Bavarian tapas is just right for you. It's a compilation of typical Bavarian food.

Opening hours:

Sunday - Wednesday: 9:00am to 1:00am (Kitchen from 9:00am until midnight)
Thursday - Saturday: 9:00am to 3:00am (Kitchen from 9:00am until 3:00am)

Beer garden: Weather dependant
Monday - Sunday: 9:00am until 1:00am (Kitchen from 9:00am until midnight)


Traditional Ale House
„Zum Spöckmeier“
Rosenstraße 9 (direct by the Marienplatz)
D-80331 München

Phone: +49 (0)89 268088
Mail: stiftl@spoeckmeier.com

Up-to-date information and events are available at: www.spoeckmeier.com



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