Streetlife Festival am Siegestor, Foto: Andreas Schebasta
Foto: Andreas Schebasta

Where students go shopping!

Turning left or right from Leopoldstraße, you will encounter the flair of Schwabing, which used to be a village only a few decades ago and was the legendary home to artists, intellectuals and writers throughout the 20th century.

Behind the facades of the art-nouveau period on Kaiserstraße, Hohenzollernstraße, Ainmillerstraße and Franz-Joseph-Straße are boutiques, second-hand shops, innumerable book stores and jewellery stores. Schwabing even has its own little victuals market: the Elisabethmarkt, at Elisabethplatz, sells fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings for all tastes, and is one of the most authentic sites of the borough.

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