Shopping in the old town of Munich

, Foto: Photopraline
Foto: Photopraline

These are the traditional shopping hot spots in Munich's city centre

Munich combines tradition and modernity in a special way. The city has a lot more to offer than just dirndls and trendy leather pants. We visited a few old-established shops in the old town, where the people of Munich still like to shop till date.

Oberpollinger: pretty glamorous!

, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

The Oberpollinger shop at Stachus square is one of Munich's originals - despite the fact that it wasn't founded by a Bavarian but a Hanseatic merchant family in 1905. At that time, not only were there selected quality goods on sale, but the house also had a tea room, its own travel agency and public telephone booths. Today, the Oberpollinger is known for its mixture of tradition and glamour. You can also get products from luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Fendi.

Obletter: a paradise for children

, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

Diagonally opposite, on the other side of the Karlstor, is the favourite place for kids in Munich. No, we don't mean the American fast food restaurant - but Obletter, the oldest and largest toy store in town. What's special about Obletter is that you not only find modern toys but also classics such as rocking horses, wooden toys, board games, marionettes or toy steam engines.

Hirmer: more than a photo motif

Hirmer at Kaufingerstraße is not only one of the most popular photo motifs in Munich (because the Frauenkirche looks so beautiful behind its magnificent façade) but also the largest menswear store in the world. Despite having at least 1.2 million visitors annually, the store still places great emphasis on customer service. For example, you can reserve a date for personal shopping, there's a quick tailoring and also a free packaging service - all year round.

Konen: innovative shopping experience

We know the Oberpollinger, but only a few people knew that there was once an Unterpollinger. It was a former restaurant at Sendlinger Straße, later rented by Isidor Bach in 1880 and converted to a shop for ready-made clothing. This further led to the emergence of Konen today. Here you can find Click & Collect, which combines online and offline shopping. You can order clothes online, try on and pick them up at the customers' lounge. A quick look at the display windows is always worth the while. As you get to see latest trends - like you're in a life-size magazine.

Ludwig Beck: Find your style coach

If you look through the photos of numerous Munich visitors, you'll definitely find the strikingly beautiful facade of Ludwig Beck (located at Rathauseck) somewhere in them. In 1861, the building was still a workshop where buttons and passementeries were made. Passementeries are braids, tassels and ornamental strips sewn onto textiles. Today, you can find futuristic fashion trends, products of different sizes, a large stationery department, a personal shopping service with style-coaching amongst others, at Ludwig Beck.

Text: Anette Göttlicher
Fotos: Anette Göttlicher, Hirmer, Konen, Ludwig Beck

December 2017




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