5 secret tips: Places you won’t find in every travel guide

Der Königsplatz am Abend, Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann

1. The prettiest open-air museum by night

In Rome evenings are spent at Piazza Bologna, in Berlin at Mauerpark and in Munich at Königsplatz. Why? Because the atmosphere and the views are mind blowoing. The steps of the sculpture gallery are still warm from the day’s sun and are ideal for enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine. Afterwards, check out the classicist buildings illuminated by spotlights - a free open-air museum!

There’s free Wi-Fi of course, but dating apps aren’t necessary because the people who hang out here are happy to chat...

2. Perhaps Munich’s quaintest pub

Tattenbach, Foto: Tattenbach
Foto: Tattenbach

If "quaint" describes one place - it would be Tattenbach in Lehel. There’s a reason the iconic pub (formerly named Burgstüberl) is a protected monument. Here you’ll see it all - from traditional Lederhosen hanging from the ceiling and cheerful Morris dancers on the walls, to waiters who know their regulars’ favourite dishes by heart. For most it's the schnitzel, which is really good here.

Do you wish to visit other similar pubs? Alte Wirt in Obermenzing is the oldest inn in Munich, dating back to 1417. The original manor house has been refurbished over the years but still exudes a traditional ambience with its carriage tables and rustic “Jagdstube” (hunters’ room).

3. True railway romanticism

Bahngleise in Giesing, Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich

Munich’s railway bridges are authentic and beautiful. At Nockherberg, stand on the bridge and look down on the trains as they speed along the southern railway route. The views are even more enchanting after a beer or two...

4. Colourful walls and bridges

Streetart in München, Foto: Lukas Fleischmann
Foto: Lukas Fleischmann

Munich is colourful. Even the streets. In the 80s the city was the hotspot of the nascent street art scene in Germany. It all began with the mysterious word “Heiduk” on building walls and the first “wholetrain” in Europe, created by renowned street artist Loomit. That's in the past. If you want to see graffiti and street art in Munich, come to the Schlachthof quarter! The exterior walls on Tumblingerstraße along with Rats by “Blek le Rat” bear the signature of the subculture.

Speaking of the underground: cycling along the Isar River banks between Friedensengel and Muffathalle, you’ll see everything from the Münchner Kindl (Munich child) on surfboards to the “Bayerische Banditen” (Bavarian bandits), recognisable by their blue/white chequered bandanas. More on urban art in Munich"

5. Stunning façades

Das Hotel Opera im Lehel, Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read
Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read

Façade hopping is better than window shopping - you get to know Munich tips and most beautiful structures. With its imposing black and white façade, the Hotel Opéra (photo) in Lehel is reminiscent of an Italian townhouse. Incidentally, like Venice, the house is built on water. If you fancy a little decadence, have a cappuccino in the Renaissance courtyard while enjoying the free ambient sounds of the Eisbach.

The prize for the quarter with the most impressive façades goes to Schwabing – Art Nouveau still flourishes here. Here you’ll find exotic specimens such as pharaonic masks, at Römerstraße 11. An amazing attraction for well-versed Christians, at Ainmillerstraße 22 you’ll find the smiling faces of Adam and Eve. Nearby is one of the oldest preserved Jugendstil (or art nouveau) buildings in the city.

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