5 slightly different museums in Munich

Bier- und Oktoberfestmuseum in München, Foto: Bier- und Oktoberfestmuseum
Foto: Bier- und Oktoberfestmuseum

Beer instead of old masterpieces: This museum tour is special

Copper beer pots, rock guitars, street art - let's go on a completely different museum tour. Because there is more to discover in Munich's museums than paintings and statues...

Tasty tradition in the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

It sounds like cliché: where else would the beer museum be located, if not in Munich with its legendary Hofbräuhaus? Even if you don't like beer at all, you should definitely visit this charming location. The former citizen house from the 14th century has been restored with great attention to detail and care. Inside you can find out why even the Babylonians liked a good beer - or what horse racing has to do with the Oktoberfest. Later you can relax with a drink in the cozy "Museumsstüberl".

Quirky humor in the Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum

Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum, Foto: Valentin Karlstadt Musäum
Foto: Valentin Karlstadt Musäum

Was that yesterday or on the third floor? Karl Valentin is probably the weirdest comedian that Munich has ever seen. The "Musäum" (note the spelling mistake) in the Isartor is dedicated to him and his comedy partner Liesl Karlstadt. It is the perfect place if you want to dive into the bizarre Valentin cosmos. Of course you will get to know all biographical facts, but you should also check out exhibits such as the famous nail on which Valentin hung his carpentry profession (In German to "hang something on a nail" means "to quit"). Valentins melted snow sculpture does not really need a translation... On the top floor of the "Musäum" you will find the Turmstüberl, a restaurant that definitely deserves the word "cult"

The Rock Museum in the Olympic Tower

Olympiaturm am Abend, Foto: muenchen.de / Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de / Michael Hofmann

The Rock Museum on the viewing floor of the Olympic Tower isn't really huge. But it's high up, almost as high as "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". If you're a fan of guitar solos and sing-along choruses, you will discover a little paradise 181 metres above Munich: Photos, documents, instruments and stage outfits of rock legends and contemporary pop stars. The space in the Olympic Tower is limited, so the museum can only exhibit around one percent of its collection. But it's still worth it. And the memorabilia goes along with a spectacular view over the city...

Street Art in the Muca Museum

Street Art im Muca, Foto: muenchen.de / Dan Vauelle
Foto: muenchen.de / Dan Vauelle

Through graffitis and works from artists like Banksy, street art and urban art has triggered a cultural revolution. So it's hardly surprising that a street art museum was overdue in the art Mecca of Munich. The "Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art" (Muca) in Hotterstrasse, with its rocked-out industrial design, is exactly the right location for such an institution. The in-house restaurant "Mural" also picks up on the urban atmosphere and is quite different from conventional museum cafés.

Oldtimers in the traffic section of the Deutsches Museum

Halle im Verkehrszentrum des Deutschen Museums, Foto: Deutsches Museum
Foto: Deutsches Museum

The traffic center of the famous Deutsches Museum is about driving in all imaginable forms. On 12,000 square metres you will find a wonderful collection of oldtimers, historic railways, motorcycles, bicycles or carriages. Many of them carefully restored and maintained. If you are a fan of motors and vehicles - this is the right place for you. And if after so much mobility you feel like going for a walk - the small, but charming Bavariapark is right in front of the door...




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