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With BMW Welt and BMW Museum, Munich possesses special forums for fantastic entertainment. The vanguard architecture of both buildings leaves an unforgettable impression and presents an unusual framework for events and exhibitions. Here visitors can experience first-class artists from a wide variety of different fields. Be it music, film, art or culture -- BMW Welt and BMW Museum fascinate their guests with a broad range of event topics. The event calendar is updated on an ongoing basis and continuously enriched by additional highlights.

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Overview of BMW Welt and Museum

BMW Welt Aussenansicht, Foto: BMW Welt
Foto: BMW Welt

BMW Welt and Museum with their unique architecture have become visitor magnets. Located just across from the corporate headquarters, they link the history of BMW with the present time. All brands of the groups – MINI, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW i, BMW M and the BMW Group itself – are now presented in the BMW Welt. In the multifaceted world of experience encompassing restaurants, shops and the delivery center of Bayerische Motorenwerke numerous events, performances and activities take place. To overview >>>