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BMW Welt Automobile Delivery

BMW Welt Automobile Delivery

For all BMW customers collecting their new car is a unique experience and highlight during their stay at BMW Welt. Whether you are interested in a plant tour, the BMW Welt Tour, a visit to the BMW Museum or the enjoyment of the culinary delights of our restaurants, your personal customer assistant will make sure that this will be a special day for you – and also for your kids. At the product info center, you have the opportunity to become familiar with all important functions and equipment features of your new automobile. Exhibits and multimedia applications prepare you for your first contact with your new BMW. This introduction is followed by the highlight of your visit: the handover of the new BMW.


Interested persons can obtain further information from their local BMW dealer or branch. There you can also book your personal automobile delivery. We recommend a two-day stay in Munich for the ideal visit if you want to fully enjoy the experience of “your automobile collection”.

Overview of BMW Welt and Museum

BMW Welt Aussenansicht, Foto: BMW Welt
Foto: BMW Welt

BMW Welt and Museum with their unique architecture have become visitor magnets. Located just across from the corporate headquarters, they link the history of BMW with the present time. All brands of the groups – MINI, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW i, BMW M and the BMW Group itself – are now presented in the BMW Welt. In the multifaceted world of experience encompassing restaurants, shops and the delivery center of Bayerische Motorenwerke numerous events, performances and activities take place. To overview >>>