Munich Platzl: The old town center with Hofbräuhaus and star restaurants

From Hofbräuhaus to the star cuisine and Hardrock Café

Magnificent town houses, cobblestones and a famous beer temple: At the Platzl you can get an idea of what Munich once looked like. This pretty ensemble should not be missed on any tour of Munich.

What you can see at the Platzl

 There's all kinds of things to see and taste in this small town square in the heart of Munich:

  • The city's most famous inn is located here: the Hofbräuhaus.
  • And star chef Alfons Schuhbeck has also set up his top restaurants on the Platzl.
  • In addition, music fans also get their money's worth: At the Hardrock Café Munich you can enjoy music history, concerts and American food.
  • A visit to Platzl is especially worthwhile because of its old Munich flair and the magnificent town houses!

The Munich Hofbräuhaus on the eastside

Das Platzl, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

The Platzl is located at the end of Orlandostraße in the old town of Munich. As the name suggests, the square is not particularly large: here, old town houses stand closely packed together.

The Platzl has certainly become world famous thanks to the Munich Hofbräuhaus - the famous inn takes up almost the entire eastern half.

Celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck has also found a home at Platzl: The Bavarian top chef runs the "Südtiroler Stuben" and the "Schubeck Orlando" at Platzl.

Orlandohaus, inns, Hard Rock Café

Das Platzl, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

 The Orlandohaus is one of the noble town houses, it was named after the chapel master at the ducal court Orlando di Lasso. Around the square in the old town were also many Munich student fraternities, some still have their headquarters in the old town houses.

Gastronomy has always been firmly linked to the Platzl - the small arts and cabaret scene in particular was active here until the 19th century. Today, it is mainly the traditional inns and noble restaurants that dominate the scene.

Further information

The Platzl is only a few minutes walk from the famous Marienplatz.

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