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TimeRide Munich

Der TimeRide Pfauenwagen, Foto: TimeRide
Foto: TimeRide

A heavenly trip through Bavaria's history: TimeRide Munich takes its visitors on a unique time travel through over 7.000 years of history. The attraction is located in the heart of city centre and offers a virtual flight above Bavaria – passing historical landmarks from the first settlers to the visionary projects of King Ludwig II.

TimeRide open again

TimeRide has adapted the security concept of the shop premises in consultation with the health authorities. The high hygienic standards that were already in place before the Corona crisis are thus further strengthened.

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Travel in a peacock wagon

Der Pfauenwagen bei Kloster Andechs, Foto: TimeRide
Foto: TimeRide

In a peacock wagon – an adventurous aircraft invented by King Ludwig II. – the time travelers will meet Emperor Barbarossa calling for the crusade, experience the first train journey in Germany or become witnesses of the first Oktoberfest. 

A perfect illusion

Der Pfauenwagen bei Bamberg, Foto: TimeRide
Foto: TimeRide

More than 21,500 buildings, 2.5 million trees and 80,000 people create a detailed virtual world into which the visitor completely immerses him- or herself. Thanks to the latest virtual reality technology and sensory experiences such as wind and motion, a perfect illusion of a journey through time is created.

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TimeRide von außen, Foto: TimeRide
Foto: TimeRide

The tour is designed for visitors of all ages and takes about 45 minutes.



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