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Herbst im Westpark, Foto: shutterstock_334071911 2016
Foto: shutterstock_334071911 2016

The Westpark in Munich - a park for the whole family

The Westpark is very popular with families: playgrounds, BBQ areas, garden facilities and beer gardens ensure fun and relaxation. Enjoy wonderful evenings in a café with a view of the lake or stay in shape with a free sport program.

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Das Café Gans am Wasser im Herbst, Foto: Gans am Wasser
Foto: Gans am Wasser

The best café for beautiful evenings: The Café Gans am Wasser (Goose on the Waterfront) with its beer garden directly at the lake is no longer a insider tip. That's not surprising as it is not just an amazingly beautiful location, but rather regularly peps up the Westpark with readings, concerts and other rousing events.

A fresh beer in the beer garden: the Wirtshaus am Rosengarten serves typical Bavarian specialties right next to the rose garden. There are also seasonal specials on the menu. And what could be better than sipping a light beer while listening to birds chirp? The beer garden opening hours depend on the weather.

Discover artworks on a walk: The Westpark shows its artworks outside throughout the entire year. For example, you can walk past Christian Tobin's ball fountain "Oblio", which is located at the exit towards Welserstraße in the southeast part of the park - but the "Terrace" by Jean Clareboudt located on the Rosenhügel (Rose Hill) is also a unique sight. The "Good Day" fountain by Makoto Fujiwara greets you in the East Asia area.

Playing in the park

Kinder spielen mit Herbstlaub, Foto: jordache / Shutterstock
Foto: jordache / Shutterstock

The free selection of Munich "play days" invites children and youths to play outside every Sunday throughout the entire year. Movement and play are in the foreground from May to October during the play days on Sundays from. 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM. In addition to the three parks, the Riemer Park and the Isar are perfect places to play during the summer months as well. From November to April, winter play days are held in the East, Westpark and in the Luitpoldpark from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. The events are cancelled if there is rain.

Adventure playgrounds, beer gardens and events: attractions

Sommer im Westpark, Foto: Constanze Groebmair
Foto: Constanze Groebmair

The six adventure playgrounds offer enough options for children to romp around. Whether slides, swings, seesaws or water games - children can have lots of fun here while mom and dad take a cosy seat in the sun and watch. The Hopfengarten and Rosengarten beer gardens invite you to dine. The park is used for several cultural events as well. The open-air movie festival "Kino, Mond & Sterne" and different theatrical performances are held on the lake stage every year.

You can also do some free sports with "Fit im Park"" during the summer months. A daily training is offered with good weather at the gymnastic lawn in the northern part of the park - from Qi Gong to zumba and yoga. And the best thing about it: "Fit im Park" doesn't cost you anything, except maybe sore muscles the next day.

Born from the International Garden Festival: History

Herbst im Westpark, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

The Westpark in Munich was created as a result of the International Garden Festival in 1983. The 60 hectare installation was built according to the concept by Peter Kluska, who used the landscape of the alpine upland for inspiration. Artificial hill and valley landscapes as well as two large lakes (Westsee and Mollsee) were created.

In springtime, 20,000 roses, from which 500 different varieties were planted, bloom in the Rosengarten. Certain areas of the installation were designed in an Asian style, including the China and Japan Garden, the Nepalese Pagoda and the Thai Sala with a Buddha statue.

The Westpark as an open-air gallery: Artworks

Herbst im Westpark, Foto: shutterstock_334071911 2016
Foto: shutterstock_334071911 2016

During the Garden Exhibition in 1983, a handful of objects were placed in the Westpark, which were then thought of as outlasting artworks of public life. In the East Asia area, which is located in the western part of the park, you will find the "Good Day" fountain from Makoto Fujiwara: The native Japanese presents a mix of materials and elements.

Christian Tobin's ball fountain at the southeast entrance creates a gap between the two objects through the water pressure between the ball and dish. This makes it possible for even children to make the 1.8 ton ball move with a little effort. The sculpture on the "Terrace" by Jean Clareboudt located on the Rose Hill is another artwork that is worth taking a walk to see. How about going on a scavenger hunt in the Westpark? Only those who quickly find the several sculptures will make it to finish before the others.

Snow walks and sledding in the Westpark: winter action

Westpark im Winter Japanischer Garten / muenchen.de, Foto: muenchen.de
Foto: muenchen.de

A winter walk through the snowy Japanese garden, building snowmen or sledding - you can experience the nature in the Westpark either relaxed or you can romp around. A lot of hills with different descents in the Westpark ensure different options for sledding in the winter. The descents on the large hill in the western area of the park are without a doubt a highlight. You can test just how sturdy your sleds or toboggans are on the long slopes.

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