The most beautiful sunset spots in Munich

Sonnenuntergang vor Schloss Nymphenburg

Schloss Nymphenburg: the majesty of a red sunset

Don't wait for the sun to disappear behind the horizon before you start your evening walks: a regal view awaits you just before sunset at Schloss Nymphenburg. The evening sun allows its light to dance playfully across the canal before disappearing behind the castle - creating an even more impressive backdrop than usual.

Olympiaberg (hill in the olympic park): enjoy a drink in the evening sun

Sonnenuntergang Olympiaberg

Summer evenings are so pleasantly warm - but an evening stroll on the Olympiaberg can be worthwhile all year round! The amazing view over the roofs of the city alone is worth the climb. Even more beautiful is the view of the sun setting behind the Olympic Stadium, which is sure to chase away any thoughts of work. Only the Olympic Tower offers a better view of Munich. And that's not too far away...

Railway bridges: a red sunset tinged with wanderlust

Sonnenuntergang an der Hackerbrücke

This is one of our absolute favourites: do you know that wistful feeling you get when standing on a bridge and watching the railway tracks disappear into the horizon? When the evening sky glows with a warm orange colour behind the Hackerbrücke, it's hard to imagine a better sunset spot. Another place you should definitely visit is the bridge right next to the Nockherberg, which offers the same industrial charm on a slightly smaller scale.

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