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Amalienburg in Munich: Hunting Lodge in Nymphenburg Palace Park

Schlosspark Nymphenburg Amalienburg

Amalienburg: opening hours and admission

The Amalienburg in Nymphenburg Palace Park is one of the most precious creations of the European Rococo. Here are all the important information:

The most important information about the Amalienburg

  • The Amalienburg is located in the southeastern part of the Nymphenburg Palace Park .
  • It is one of the most important creations of the European Rococo period
  • It was built according to plans by François Cuvilliés between 1734 and 1739
  • Opening hours : April to Oct. 15: daily 9 am-6 pm; Oct. 16 to March: closed
  • There's an entry fee when visiting the Amalienburg

Visit to the Amalienburg: Hall of Mirrors, Hunting Room, Pheasant Room

Spiegelsaal Amalienburg, Foto: Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung -
Foto: Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung -

The Amalienburg was built to designs by François Cuvilliés between 1734 and 1739 and is part of the ensemble of the Nymphenburg Palace Park. The small pleasure and hunting lodge was a gift from Elector Karl Albrecht to his wife Maria Amalia, a daughter of the Austrian Emperor Joseph I.

Rather plain on the outside with only a few carvings and stuccowork, the Amalienburg unfolds its beauty on the inside: the circular, festively decorated Hall of Mirrors or Great Salon is decorated in the Bavarian colors of silver and blue, and the Rest and Yellow Rooms are also richly decorated. 

The Hunting Room is furnished as a small painting salon, with depictions of courtly hunts and festivities. The Pheasant Room and the Kitchen have an exotic atmosphere. The wall decorations here are painted and waxed on fabric wallpaper in the Chinese style. Dutch tiles and flower vases reinforce the foreign character.

Location and access: Amalienburg Palace

Location: The Amalienburg is located in the southeastern park section of the Nymphenburg Palace Park, west of the city center, in the Neuhausen-Nymphenburg district. 

Public transportation: Tram line 17 runs from the city center and the main train station. It has a stop "Schloss Nymphenburg", about 500 meters from the palace grounds. If you are not afraid of a short walk of about 2 km, you can also get off the S-Bahn at the stop "Laim". 

Parking spaces
: Parking spaces are available directly at the castle in the Schlossrondell. There you will usually find a parking space, but on Sundays and holidays it can be tight.

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