Asam Church

Asamkirche in der Sendlinger Straße, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

The Asam Church was erected between 1733 and 1746 by the Asam brothers and bears the official name of St. Johann Nepomuk.

Originally the Asam Church was planned as a private church for the builder, its Baroque facade is integrated into the row of houses on Sendlingerstraße. Two massive rocks arise from the base of the columns at the entrance. The luxuriously furnished interior breaks from Baroque convention with its proportional distribution.

The late Baroque Asam Church is located on Sendlingerstraße, just a few minutes’ walk away from the Sendlinger Tor (Sendling Gate). You can also get there within a ten minutes walk from Marienplatz / Frauenkirche

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