6 fountains for perfect refreshment in Munich

Unibrunnen am Geschwister-Schloss-Platz, Foto: muenchen.de/ Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/ Michael Hofmann

From university to Marienplatz - these fountains will cool you down

Cool down - when the summer heat hits Munich you just can't get enough refreshment. We'll tell you which fountains will cool you down wonderfully - from the pedestrian zone in the city centre to the university quarter...

Hotspot for students: the fountain at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz

How many thousands of students have hectically studied their notes in front of this fountain, just before the important university exams began next door? In any case, their nervousness has never affected the fountain at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz. And briefly cooling your pulse in the water will get your blood circulation going again in the heat. The fountain has been splashing water for decades. You should also visit it at night when the lights go on - then it will be really romantic. And the best thing is: On the opposite side of the street, there is an identical copy of the fountain. Splendid!

The hidden one: Water mushroom fountain

Brunnen an der Frauenkirche in München

A bit hidden it is indeed, the so-called water mushroom fountain - but still right next to the Frauenkirche. It could hardly be more central, yet it is almost never crowded there. With the many stone steps around the water there are enough seats for everyone. On particularly hot days the fountain is a real crowd pleaser: Cool water in a shady spot - that's rare enough.

A pioneer: Wittelsbach fountain on Lenbachplatz

Wittelsbacher Brunnen am Lenbachplatz

Every year in spring, the eyes of Munich's citizens are drawn to this fountain. Because the new fountain season always gets off to a symbolic start right here at the Wittelsbacher Brunnen. As if the fountain with its stone figures wasn't impressive enough, it also has an outstanding recreational value: The wall offers you plenty of space to sit. Furthermore, the green area of Maximiliansplatz with its benches and trees is just around the corner.

Our classic: fish fountain on Marienplatz

Fischbrunnen am Marienplatz, Foto: muenchen.de/ Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/ Leonie Liebich

Where should we meet? At the "Fischbrunnen", of course! Everyone knows the fountain in front of the city hall (Rathaus). It's not only Munich's most popular meeting place, but also refreshes entire legions of Marienplatz visitors in hot weather. Some of them even enjoy the water of the fountain with a delicious ice cream in hand. From the Fischbrunnen you have a perfect view of the hustle and bustle in Munich's city centre. What you shouldn't do, though, is jump into the fountain - that right is reserved for the butcher's journeymen at the day of the traditional "Metzgersprung" (Butcher's jump).

By the way: The Fischbrunnen does not have any drinking water, but since 2019 you can wet your throat at twelve marked drinking fountains in the old town: In addition to the Kräutlmarkt fountain on Marienplatz and the fountain on Rindermarkt, you will find eight on Viktualienmarkt as well as the fountains at Kosttor and the Merkur fountain in the nearby shopping street Tal.

A Munich institution: The Stachus Fountain

Stachusbrunnen im Sommer

The Stachus fountain is literally a Munich "institution". Some visitors sit down on the stone blocks and enjoy their lunch sandwich, others treat themselves to a shower after their shopping extravaganza. No matter what form it takes - the fountains splashes out the water through 200 nozzles with so much pressure, that you will surely find the refreshment you have been longing for...

Photos: Fountains in Munich

Chilled out: Neptune Fountain in the Old Botanical Garden

Alter Botanischer Garten, Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich

At first sight, the mighty sea god seems almost a little lonely in the middle of his huge basin. But don't be fooled: At Neptune's fountain, no one ever is alone. On hot days, countless visitors refresh themselves right in the Old Botanical Garden - or they read, listen to music, chat or take a power nap on a park bench. Neptune certainly likes that.




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