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Kinder- und Jugendmuseum (Children and youth museum) in Munich

Ausstellung "Alles klar" im Kinder- und Jugendmuseum, Foto: Dan Vauelle
Foto: Dan Vauelle

The Munich Children's and Youth Museum is located in the side wing of the main station (Hauptbahnhof). Here you will find interactive exhibitions, workshops, games and fun for children and young people.

Play and discover - for the whole family

Das Kinder- und Jugendmuseum in München in der Außenansicht. , Foto: Kinder- und Jugendmuseum
Foto: Kinder- und Jugendmuseum

The Children's and Youth Museum is the ideal place for the whole family to discover new things and play. What is usually forbidden in other museums is allowed here. Everything can be touched, tried out or even climbed on. This way, kids and young people can experience different sciences and skills. The museum combines science and play, art and nature, culture and technology in new ways. The focus here lies not only on amazement but also on the practical acquisition of knowledge.

A museum to touch

Ausstellung "Nur Müll", Foto: Kinder- und Jugendmuseum München
Foto: Kinder- und Jugendmuseum München

"Hands on - minds on!": In the museum it is about learning and experiencing with all senses - but above all with mind, heart and hand. To achieve this, the museum team designs one or two annual exhibitions. In recent years, for example, young visitors have been able to learn about their eating habits under the theme "Eat what?!" or have exciting experiences at "Dunkelerlebnis" (dark experience). The museum also regularly develops supporting programmes, creative workshops and activities for adults.

Activities for young and old

Kinder- und Jugendmuseum Dschungel-Ausstellung, Foto: Kinder- und Jugendmuseum
Foto: Kinder- und Jugendmuseum

As a playful complement to the exhibitions, the children's and youth museum organizes exciting activities for and with the kids and youth. The activities include flea markets, handicrafts, experiments, sports events or events for the Munich Science Days. In a theme-based creative workshop, children have the freedom to let off steam, retreat and reflect. For adults, interesting lectures and seminars are organized.

Museum rental

For children's activities, birthday parties or events for the family, the children's and youth museum rents out its own props. On offer are the "Bubble Magic", the "little chemistry box", the "MatheMobil", the "Paper Workshop", Pieter Bruegel's "Old Games" or the "MusicMobil". Children and young people can easily take some of the museum's colourful items home and explore them with friends or family.

Admission fees

Per person (4 years and older): 5,50 Euro
For groups of 10 people or more: 4,50 Euro
Family: 16 Euro
Family annual ticket: 39 Euro


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