Lesser known parks in Munich you should visit

Sommer im Luitpoldpark, Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich

7 green oases: Smaller parks in Munich with lots to offer

Of course, everybody knows the English Garden and the Olympic Park. But there are also small parks in Munich that are not known to everybody. We show you 7 green, peaceful oases, some of them real insider's tips.

Flowers everywhere in the rose garden

Relaxen im Rosengarten., Foto: muenchen.de/Vauelle
Foto: muenchen.de/Vauelle

There are many places in Munich where you can enjoy the sun. But the rose garden at the Bischweiler nursery is particularly romantic. Located near the Kolumbusplatz, more precisely at Sachsenstraße 2, you can make yourself comfortable on one of the benches and look over a sea of roses. From June until late summer the wild roses bloom and scent there. If you want to continue your education while relaxing - no problem! There is a touch garden for the blind and in the poisonous plant garden you can learn interesting facts about beautiful but also dangerous plants.

By the way: Please do not pick roses. You will not impress your flirt with that.

Right behind Theresienwiese: The Bavariapark

Der Bavariapark im Sommer, Foto: Baureferat München / Gartenbau
Foto: Baureferat München / Gartenbau

While the Bavaria statue has her eyes on the Oktoberfest hustle and bustle on the Theresienwiese, you will find one of Munich's most beautiful district parks right behind the famous monument. If you prefer a quieter time over the huge Oktoberfest crowds, you will certainly find a secluded spot in the western part of the park. In the past, only King Ludwig I was allowed to enter the Bavariapark, but since the fair has moved to Riem, it is finally open to the public again. Old oaks provide shade, children play football on the large lawn, mystical stone sculptures arouse curiosity.

Also from a culinary point of view you will find everything your heart or stomach desires in the immediate vicinity. If you get hungry, the "Wirtshaus am Bavariapark" and the nice little Café Colombo invite you to stop by.

English lawn in the middle of Munich: The Ostpark

Frühling im Ostpark, Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal
Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal

Ostpark in Munich's south-eastern Neuperlach district impresses with its winding paths, tranquil ponds and a lawn that is always well-tended. Since May 1982 the park is worth a visit at any time of the year. In summer the sunny terrace of the Michaeligarten restaurant attracts hungry and thirsty visitors. Rather become a grill master yourself? Sizzle to your heart's content in the designated barbecue area in the north-west. The calories are burned very quickly afterwards during a round of volleyball or table tennis.

The park also offers great leisure activities in winter. "Off the track" sounds from the tobogganing slope, where children whiz down the hill with their sledges. In addition, an open-air ice rink awaits skaters at the Eis- und Funsportzentrum Ost. You can even strap your cross-country skis under your feet and tackle the almost three-kilometre long circuit.

Birthday present with history: Luitpoldpark

Sommer im Luitpoldpark, Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich

In 1911, the Bavarian Prince Regent Luitpold turned 90 years old. In his honour, 90 lime trees were planted, around which a 33-hectare public park was subsequently created: Luitpoldpark in Schwabing-West was born. Cosy sunbathing lawns and shade between gingkos, primeval trees and sequoias offer plenty of space for relaxation. Children can take a stroll through the winding hedge labyrinth or explore the "Pumuckl" playground, named after a popular character from a children's tv series. When the weather is fine, the Bamberger Haus, a neo-baroque garden restaurant, provides you with food and drinks.

Not only children experience some great winter fun at Luitpoldpark. The small hill in the eastern area of the park, named Luitpoldhügel, offers a 30-metre long run for sledges and bobsleds. By the way, from up there you have a fantastic view towards the city center - in winter as well as in summer.

A welcome addition: Taxispark in Gern

Der neue Taxispark in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, Foto: Peter Schinzler
Foto: Peter Schinzler

The Taxispark in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is one of Munich's newest parks - it opened in 2018 as a real neighbourhood project. Since 1921, the area had been leased to the private association - now it is finally open to the public. After contaminated sites had been removed, dilapidated buildings demolished and tree protection work carried out, brainstorming for the future began. Pupils from the primary school on Dom-Pedro-Platz and children from the neighbourhood and the nearby youth centre helped with their ideas to create the new playground.

But it's also easy for adults to appreciate the newly created 1.3 hectare park. The historic fountain has been renovated and offers a cooling on hot summer days. Things get really cold in the Kneipp basin, where you can refresh yourself after a sweaty workout on the fitness equipment in the western part of the park.

A major project for Munich's east: Riemer Park

Der Riemer See, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

In the past, Munich's inhabitants and guest from other parts of Bavaria used to fly from here on holiday. But today, the recreation is much nearer. The 210-hectare Riemer Park was created on the former airport site between 1997 and 2005. When it was completed, the Bundesgartenschau (Germany's biggest Garden Show) was held here in its opening year, which is why many people know it as the BUGA Park. Today, it is an idyllic paradise for walkers and sunbathers, and was even awarded the German Landscape Architecture Prize. The Riemer See lake, which is also part of the park, provides cooling.

And in winter, tobogganing is also allowed here. After you have enjoyed the view from the 20-metre high hill, you can daringly race down.

Recreation above the city motorway: Petuelpark

Der Petuelpark im Frühling, Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal
Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal

Directly above the Mittlerer Ring (city motorway), that divides the districts of Schwabing-West and Milbertshofen, lies the Petuelpark. It opened in 2004 as a pioneering project in Munich - built on top of a newly constructed tunnel that diverted the enormous traffic into the underground. Many a car driver who finds himself stuck in a traffic jam in the tunnel will certainly wish he could simply leave his car and take a short break in the popular recreation area above his head. The appearance of Petuelpark may at first seem surprising: It is 900 meters long, but only 60 meters wide.

Nevertheless, the green strip offers several playgrounds for children to let off steam, a football field for exciting football matches and Café Ludwig for food and drinks. Art can also be discovered here: a sculpture course as a platform for international art awaits interested visitors.




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