Sightseeing in Munich with the tram line 16

Tram 16: Effnerplatz, Foto: Mónica Garduño
Foto: Mónica Garduño

Tram 16 takes you to Munich's hotspots in 7 stations

Sightseeing in any weather? With the Tram line number 16 you can see various tourist attractions in just one ride! And you can get off the train when you feel like it. Maybe at the Eisbach surfers, at a mirror-inverted watch or at the sculpture of a lady's waist? The best thing is: As the 16 is a regular tram line of the MVG (Munich transport), the ticket only costs as much as a normal ride...

A touch of Hollywood: Mae West at Effnerplatz

All aboard, please! No matter if from east to west into the direction of Romanplatz or vice versa towards St. Emmeram - the line 16 has various hotspots to offer. We start in the east at Effnerplatz. One of the most important junctions of the Munich traffic is not a typical tourist magnet. However it is definitely worth a visit, because here you can feel a touch of Hollywood: Directly on the Effnertunnel above the Mittlerer Ring (city motorway) you can spot the 52 meters high steel sculpture of Mae West. Fun fact: The artist Rita McBride designed the artwork (completed in 2011) as a rotational hyperboloid which reminded her of a big waisted dancer. Hence the name Mae West - after the US-American actress who is considered as an epitome of a femme fatale...

Glorious facades on Tivolistraße

Tram 16: Tivolistraße, Foto: Mónica Garduño
Foto: Mónica Garduño

The ride continues on to the left side of the river Isar, where the tram rolls through the western part of Bogenhausen and further over into the Lehel district. The latter is well known as a jewel in terms of architecture and green spaces. So enjoy the view of beautiful art nouveau buildings around Tivolistraße or get off and make a short detour to the Eisbach river. The view from the Max-Joseph-Bridge down to the Isar is also worthwhile! And the English Garden is not far from here either - to be precise, you can even see it from the Tivolistraße stop.

Take a break and watch the Eisbach surfers

Eisbach-Surfer, Foto: Mónica Garduño
Foto: Mónica Garduño

The journey continues along the "Paradiesstraße": The name suits the scenery because the Tram 16 leads directly to a surfer's paradise - the (artificial) Eisbach wave. Various walking paths through the English Garden lead to a sports ground passing by young people who are chilling out at the Eisbach at every time of the year. Their enthusiastically cheering while watching the surfers cannot be overheard anyway. Take your time - the surfers' stunts never get boring.

Culture and drinks at the National Museum/ Haus der Kunst

Tram 16: Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Foto: Mónica Garduño
Foto: Mónica Garduño

If you don't fancy much walking: Tram 16 will drop you off even closer to the Eisbach wave at the stop Nationalmuseum/ Haus der Kunst. You won't have a direct view on the wave from here - but there will certainly be a few people walking past the tram line with boards under their arms. Tropical feeling meets high culture here, because the Bavarian National Museum is a real eye-catcher - even from the outside. Inside, you can take a journey through European cultural history spanning two millennia. And with a selfie at the little fountain on the side of the building you can make everyone believe that you are in "Bella Italia"! More desire for modern art? The Haus der Kunst to the left of the Eisbach wave is Munich's museum for contemporary art. And it also offers the very chic Golden Bar with its huge terrace. Definitely worth a visit!

Royal views at the Maxmonument

Maxmonument, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

When the train continues its ride through the Lehel district, you might get a bit jealous - because the cosy quarter around the square St.-Anna-Platz has an almost Italian charm. In need of a coffee break? You've come to the right place here. Further on, things get aristocratic: At the Maxmonument stop, also known as the "Max II Monument", the Bavarian King Maximilian II looks down on the spectators. By the way: the bronze statue weighs almost five tons and has been standing there since 1875. If you want to get off the train: On the stone steps underneath the monument you can enjoy the perfect view of the imposing Maximilianeum or along the astonishing Maximilianstraße.

St. Lukas - the eye-catcher at Mariannenplatz

Tram 16: Mariennenplatz, Foto: Mónica Garduño
Foto: Mónica Garduño

And on goes the wild ride through the pretty neighborhood... Attention at Mariannenplatz! From the tram you have a good view on St. Luke's church. As a Protestant-Lutheran parish church of historicism, it is one of the only ones in Munich that has been almost completely preserved. And it is also located directly on the banks of the Isar river. Many church music concerts and cultural events take place here - maybe you are lucky...

A clock with a twist - The Isartor

Tram 16: Isartor, Foto: Mónica Garduño
Foto: Mónica Garduño

You've already pretty much arrived in the heart of the city: The Isartor is not only an almost completely preserved old city gate and therefore an exciting attraction. It is also a spot for Munich's sense of humour: the Valentin Karlstadt Museum is housed in the Falken Towers (Karl Valentin and Lisl Karstadt were two famous early 20th century comedians). And with the mirrored tower clock, Valentin has definitely left his mark on the city... So don't be surprised if the clock literally ticks slightly differently than other clocks in the rest of the city. Another highlight: In winter, a huge cauldron of Feuerzangenbowle (hot punch made with red wine) awaits you in the inner courtyard.

Pure life: Sendlinger Tor and Stachus

Stachus mit Brunnen

Finally, the tour leads through the Glockenbachviertel to the Sendlinger Tor. Around Müllerstraße you can watch the lively district - like young families strolling around, work colleagues having lunch or party people enjoying the bar scene.

Via the next city gate at the beginning of the popular Sendlinger Straße we ride on to Stachus - where life gets crazy. Whether it's cinemas, bars, restaurants or shopping - there's plenty to discover around the impressive Justitzpalast and Karlstor.

The route of line 16 also has many highlights to offer after you reached the end - for example Nymphenburg Palace, right at the final stop Romanplatz.




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