Schwabing tour: 7 tips for discoverers

Denkmal für den Monaco Franze vor dem Café Münchner Freiheit, Foto: / Filippo Ferrara
Foto: / Filippo Ferrara

Get yourself an extra portion of Schwabing flair

Schwabing is old hat? No way! We show you 7 things that keep Munich's most famous district alive.

Visit inspiring cabaret shows and poetry slams

Bayern Slam 2017 im Vereinsheim Schwabing, Foto: Spichal
Foto: Spichal

Welcome to the mecca of cabaret! Around Occamstraße, you may well bump into famous comedians from the German or Austrian scene, getting a breath of fresh air before going on stage. The Lustspielhaus is one of Germany's most beautiful cabaret stages and in the cozy theatre bar Vereinsheim, poetry slams and reading shows such as the "Schwabinger Schaumschläger Show" take place. If you are into German humour, you might have heard of the legendary Lach- und Schießgesellschaft, and almost next door to it, the "TamS" (short for "Theater am Sozialamt") stands for sophisticated theatre. Last but not least, the small Heppel&Ettlich theatre hosts concerts, readings and political debates.

Toast to life itself in Schwabing's bars and pubs

Das Barschwein in Schwabing, Foto: Read
Foto: Read

We no longer keep a list of how many times Schwabing has been declared dead as a nightlife district. Forget all those prophecies of doom - the quarter is still a perfectly vibrant place to go in the evening, especially in the Old part of Schwabing around Wedekindplatz. For example, you will find the well-known Schwabinger 7 here, or the Café Rennbahn. A special tip is the small pub Pilsdoktor, located on the Leopoldstraße north of Münchner Freiheit. Here, a toy railway rolls along the schnapps glasses. In the very popular Barschwein (see photo) the audience is rather young and the beer selection is huge.

Wedekindplatz: Where Munich's most crooked lantern glows

Der Wedekindplatz in Schwabing. , Foto: Read
Foto: Read

As a popular saying goes, Schwabing is all about "see and be seen". Well, there is hardly any other place where this motto fits better than Wedekindplatz (pictured above). The small square has been completely renovated in 2015. Since the facelift, it features cozy seats and a nice little fountain. But on top of that, you will find here Munich's probably most crooked lantern? This unique piece originates from the legendary restaurant "Bei Gisela", which now houses the popular bar Vereinsheim. As a tribute to its meanwhile deceased landlady and cabaret patron Gisela Jonas, who once performed a chanson called "Schwabinger Laterne" (Lantern of Schwabing), the lantern was placed on Wedekindplatz.

Seidlvilla and Nikolaiplatz: Take it easy

Zwei Männer stoßen am Nikolaiplatz an, Foto: Leonie Liebich
Foto: Leonie Liebich

Yes, Leopoldstrasse is actually only a stone's throw away. And still, things are pretty quiet here at Nikolaiplatz. This is true especially in the inner courtyard of the Seidlvilla -  you can spend an entire afternoon in the sun here. This former residence was turned into a cultural centre and nowadays not only hosts poetry slams, concerts and courses - it is also a popular meeting place. Of courese, food and beer are the basis of everything, so it's good that there is a nice little snack bar next door called "Alles wurscht". Here you will also find one of Munich's smallest but loveliest beer gardens.

Relax between art works in Petuelpark

Stimmung im Petuelpark, Foto: Mark Read
Foto: Mark Read

In the past, cars used to shoot through here - today, parents push their prams over gravelled paths and enjoy the sun: Petuelpark is Munich's first park located on a tunnel roof. But you won't notice that you're actually walking right above the Mittlerer Ring (city motorway), even though you can take a look down on to the traffic through small periscopes. In fact, all corners of the park are filled with bizarre works of art like these. For example, the cowboy sculpture "Go", which rotates and makes funny noises. Café Ludwig, located right in the middle of the park, features a large terrace and has become a real hot spot in northern Schwabing. The Nymphenburg-Biedersteiner canal flows leisurely past the lower level of the terraced park. Petuelpark is certainly one of the most beautiful green areas in the city.

Italian flair at the "Schwabing Cathedral"

Kirche St. Ursula in Schwabing, Foto: Read
Foto: Read

When people say that Munich is the northernmost city of Italy, they repeat one of the oldest clichés about Bavaria's capital. But don't roll your eyes about that - it simply is true. Just take a look at the church of St. Ursula with its mighty dome and the free-standing bell tower - inspired by southern churches and reaching the same level of beauty. It's best to pass by on a mild summer evening, when the Schwabing residents relax on the steps in front of the so-called "Schwabing Cathedral", licking ice cream and just taking things very easy. If that is not "dolce vita", then what is?

Close to nature: A stroll along Schwabinger See

Schwabinger See mit den Highlight Towers im Hintergrund, Foto: Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: Michael Neißendorfer

The problem with insider tips is: you should actually keep them to yourself, otherwise they are no longer insider tips. But Schwabinger See (Lake Schwabing) is simply too beautiful to remain unknown. Here you can relax and still feel like you're in the middle of the city - which is true, of course. Take a book with you or just sit back and watch the ducks, geese and swans, who also swim on the water in relaxed style. The lake even features a small island, which is a nature reserve for its inhabitants. Yes, this lake is actually too good to be real. And if you do feel the need for some action after relaxing: the public bath Ungererbad is just around the corner.




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