Discover the Munich district of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg

Häuserfassaden in Neuhausen, München., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

Experience Neuhausen: Culture, ice cream, architecture and restaurants

Munich's largest district - in terms of population - has more to offer than just the world-famous Nymphenburg Palace. Legendary ice cream, the most beautiful photo locations, delicious pizza and some secret tips: Here are our tips for experiencing Neuhausen-Nymphenburg.

Ice! Either in a cone or under your feet

Der Nymphenburger Kanal im Winter., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher If it remains cold for a long time, the Nymphenburg Canal freezes over

Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is well known for the famous Nymphenburg Palace. But a real insiders' tip here is also the ice cream of Munich's most famous ice cream parlour, Sarcletti. Varieties such as Carapinho with pine nuts, Chocolate Special or Raspberry Semolina are addictive. And although the square in front of the ice-cream parlour is not the nicest of the quarter, you meet them all here: the locals and the hipsters from Schwabing or Maxvorstadt. Note: Until 7.2.2020,  Sarcletti is on its well-deserved winter break!

When the temperature falls below zero in winter, the action shifts to the Nymphenburg canal one kilometre to the north-west: Then it's all about curling or ice-skating on the pond at the Hubertus fountain. But it's also fun to just watch: at the small cottages along the canal you can grab some mulled wine, sausages, candies and tea. The best view of what's happening on the ice is from the Gerner Brücke, a small bridge across the canal.

Architecture: Discover Herz-Jesu church and Art Nouveau

Die Herzjesukirche in München Neuhausen., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

There are a lot of great photo motives in Neuhausen. The Catholic Herz-Jesu-Kirche (Church of the Heart of Jesus) in Lachnerstraße is one of them and even features a superlative: the largest church portal in the world! It is 14 metres high, 18 metres wide and weighs 50 tons. The blue glass façade is normally closed, but on special occasions, for example during the First Communion in May, the huge double doors open. A very special spectacle that only Neuhausen can offer!

Those who love beautiful houses and architecture will find many villas and buildings in the art nouveau style in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg and especially in the district Gern. The quarter was incorporated into Munich in 1890, shortly after the city became a centre of Art Nouveau. The Wappenhaus on the eastern edge of Neuhausen, on the corner of Nymphenburger and Maillingerstraße, made it into German television. On the upper two floors lived society reporter Baby Schimmerlos in the 80s cult TV series "Kir Royal".

A special treat on the border between Neuhausen and Gern is Bothmerstraße, which branches off Nymphenburger Straße shortly before the canal: Here, almost all old art nouveau buildings are still preserved. Particularly beautiful ensembles can also be found a few hundred metres further on, in the middle of the Gern villa district, for example in Wilhelm-Düll-Straße. In general, this first terraced house settlement in Munich is worth a walk: a little bit of Notting Hill in Bavaria!

Taste Munich's best cheesecake or meet friends at Ruffini's

Das Muffins’n’More in München Neuhausen., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

New York City may be quite a bit away, but you will find some really good American cheesecake right at the Cafe Muffins'n'More (Volkartstr. 25). Whether it's junior, straight up, or senior, with Laphroaig whiskey. Or with blueberries. In any case: Tasty.

Great cake and gateau, but also breakfast and lunch are available at Café Ruffini in Orffstraße 22-24. It is closed on mondays, but during the rest of the week there is always something going on here. And you will almonst certainly find a place to sit. The most beautiful thing to do in the warm seasons is to go up on the cozy roof terrace - even if you have to carry your food up here yourself.

If you fancy Spanish tapas, you should go to VolkART (Volkartstr. 15), just a few steps away from the Rotkreuzplatz U-Bahn exit. On the walls you will find interesting art, which you can also buy.

Parks, canals and nature: explore Neuhausen's green corners

Der Olympiapark in München., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

Even though the Isar is far away, a lot of water flows in Neuhausen: First there is the Schlosskanal coming from Nymphenburg palace. A little further north runs another small canal, the "Nymphenburg-Biedersteiner Kanal": It branches off from the canal at Nymphenburg Palace and drives the porcelain factory's facilities at the northern roundell. It then carries on through the Gern district and the southern Olympic Park to the lake "Olympiasee".

Speaking of the Olympic Park: The southern part of the park is still part of Neuhausen, at least it feels like it. From the Olympic Mountain you not only have one of the most beautiful views of the city centre and the Alps, but in the other direction you can also see the Olympic Stadium. Especially beautiful at sunset, during concerts in the stadium or when the Impark summer Festival takes place in August.

Also still on the very edge of Neuhausen: The Botanical Garden at the Nymphenburg Palace Park. A tip especially in winter, when you are in need of southern flair and warm temperatures: In the greenhouses, which were only renovated at the end of 2018, there is not only the famous butterfly exhibition (always from the end of December to mid-March), but also - all year round - turtles and various theme houses, in which you can travel to Africa or South America in a climate-friendly way and for a few euros entrance fee.

Subculture, theatre, artists: get inspired in the creative quarter

Graffiti in Neuhausen, München., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

At the north-eastern end of Neuhausen, the contrast to the mansion district area around Nymphenburger Straße could not be greater: On the edge of the Olympic Park, located on the site of the former Luitpold barracks, lies the "Kreativquartier" (creative quarter). Here, artists have their studios, designers their workshops on five hectares of land. The quarter shows that cultural life rages beyond state and municipal theatres: rehearsal and performance stages, exhibitions, workshops, socio-ecological start-ups ... And even without an acute need for culture, it is worth walking around the grounds. It feels different every day, here you can find everything you sometimes miss in Munich: graffiti and street art, wildly growing urban gardens and old industrial buildings. A former Turkish supermarket has become an alternative club: In Import Export, concerts, jam sessions and somewhat different club nights take place regularly.

Eat, drink, celebrate: Hidden hot spots in Neuhausen

Das Broeding in Neuhausen, Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

Those who got hungry while walking will find a restaurant on every corner. The most hidden and perhaps smallest Italian restaurant is the Tiziano on Tizianstraße in Gern. A nice place for a date and especially cozy on a warm summer evening, sitting in the garden. Pizza is also available at the Villa Dante near the Westfriedhof cemetery. Those who like bowls and fusion food will be happy in Nymphenburger Straße at Maui Hawasian Kitchen & Bar. And if one person would like a good schnitzel, but the other prefers something international and vegetarian, you'll be in good hands at the Großwirt behind the Rotkreuzklinikum hospital. An extra tip for special occasions - or just for fun: The Broeding in Schulstraße. The concept: instead of à la carte, there is a daily changing 5 to 6-course menu, with or without wine accompaniment. If you would like to try this, you can also book a three-course menu on the evening before between 6 and 8 pm. For those who love the fine wines from Austria: The Broeding is also a wine shop.

And what can you do in the evening? Neuhausen isn't exactly famous for its extravagant nightlife, but that doesn't mean that life completely ends in the evenings. At least not everywhere: the Hide Out on Volkartstraße gosts regular live music and gigs, a real Munich "Boazn" (bar) is the Papalapap and in the Bar du Port on Albrechtstraße you can get really good gin and tonic and more. You can even bring your own food to the Gorilla Bar, Neuhausen's public living room. Only the really good whiskey sour, the boss himself will mix it for you.

If it should be something special: The Maxim cinema and the Taxisgarten

Das Kino Neues Maxim in München., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

Landshuter Allee cuts straight through the district and is the busiest urban motorway in Europe. People of Neuhausen have come to terms with this superlative - until the construction of the planned tunnel is completed. For the time being, there are still some nice things to see here: above all the cinema Neues Maxim, which actually closed a few years ago, but was saved by a crowdfunding group consisting of art house cinema enthusiasts and many fans. The Maxim has been restored with great attention to detail, and selected movies are shown in two cinemas. In the small hall you can even watch the film from a beanbag if you like!

From March to October it's beer garden time - in the middle of the residential area not far from the Gern underground station, there is a huge and at the same time particularly cosy beer garden. Delicious spare ribs are available in the Taxisgarten, and especially for families it is very relaxed here: there is a playground in the beer garden for the very young, large meadows for playing football. Since autumn 2017 the small Taxispark is also busy with its large playground, which was designed by the children of Neuhausen themselves.

Be a child again or taste bavarian cheese: Shopping in Neuhausen

Das Brauseschwein in der Frundsbergstraße in München., Foto: Anette Göttlicher
Foto: Anette Göttlicher

Do you like small, special shops that are not to be found in the city and shopping centres? Then you should definitely visit the "Brauseschwein" in Frundsbergstraße (maybe after brunch at the Ruffini just around the corner). While children from the neighbourhood area prefer to invest their pocket money in mixed jelly bear bags, adults can become kids themselves for a short time. Some things fortunately never change. The taste of sour sticks (Brausestangen) for example.

Furniture fans should stop by the two Himmelblau shops on Nymphenburger Strasse. The large one has stylish furniture, the small one opposite is stuffed to the ceiling with pretty household items. There's simply everything you need or can use.

Neuhausen is also great for food shopping: Try and discover new types of cheese, either in the Käsmüller branch in Renatastraße or in the Käsemaus in Schulstraße. Both shops are not just about cheese - shopping with the friendly shopkeepers is a real experience there.

Fotos & Text: Anette Göttlicher




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