What you can always do around Gärtnerplatz

Plattenladen Optimal Records in München, Foto: muenchen.de / Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de / Leonie Liebich

How well do you know the Gärtnerplatz neighborhood?

Just a party area? Not at all! The Glockenbach and Gärtnerplatz quarters have so much to offer even during the day. 5 tips from coffee bars to record shops.

Search for vinyl treasures at Optimal Records

Contrary to popular opinion, not all Japanese or American tourists in Munich flock to the Hofbräuhaus. Some of them also visit a record shop in the Glockenbachviertel. Its reputation is known far beyond Munich, so there must be something special about this store. In fact, Optimal Records on Kolosseumstraße is a little paradise for vinyl fans. In the back of the shop you can also find a small but fine selection of literature - and if you prefer CDs to records, you will of course find what you are looking for. Sure, blockbuster pop albums are rather not on offer - but you can find some real indie treasures at Optimal Records.

Visit the bedrock of all coffee bars

Aroma Kaffeebar in München, Foto: muenchen.de / Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de / Leonie Liebich

There are still people who can remember the days, when the Glockenbachviertel was not as hip as it is today. Some years ago, quite a few wicked places were to be found in the quarter. The Aroma Kaffeebar café opened in 1998 in a former red-light boutique - a long time ago. Today, the casual location with a strong New York influence has long since become an institution. Countless other chic coffee bars have followed, but the Aroma Kaffeebar still has a distinctive atmosphere. But of course, there are alternatives in the streets nearby, especially around Gärtnerplatz: do you prefer the cult plush 60s ambience of Café Pini, the living room charm of Trachtenvogl or the artists' meeting place Baader Café? To name but a few...

Short world tour in the Hans-Sachs-Straße

Glockenbachviertel: Hans-Sachs-Straße, Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich

We do not want to start the discussion about the most beautiful Munich street. Let's just say: Hans-Sachs-Straße is definitely a contender for the top spot. The Wilhelminian-style facades look good on any postcard, and the many nice restaurants and shops are another plus point. Here, the mix is just right: there are down-to-earth, quaint restaurant-bars like the "Sax", plus Italian, Asian and Indian restaurants and, with the Arena, even a nice little cinema. Only once a year this cosy corner of the city becomes a noisy party mile: In August, When the Hans-Sachs-Straßenfest (street festival) attracts visitors from far beyond Munich's city limits.

Travelling into the past at the old cemetery

Alter Südlicher Friedhof in München, Foto: muenchen.de / Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de / Leonie Liebich

At the Alter Südfriedhof (Old Southern Cemetery), there haven't been any burials for a long time. Nowadays, it is mainly a recreation area and a cultural and historical monument. But, from 1788 to 1868, the cemetery was the only burial ground in Munich. That is why many people who left their mark on the city in the past are buried here - to the point that streets were even named after them. Baader, Effner, Destouches, Fraunhofer, Gabelsberger, Hiltensperger and many more. Most famous are, of course, the graves of the star architects Leo von Klenze and Friedrich von Gärtner. As chance would have it, Klenzestraße and Gärtnerplatz are almost around the corner...

Bar-Hopping around the Gärtnerplatz

Gärtnerplatz München, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

There surely is a reason why half of Munich likes to meet at the Gärtnerplatz before heading for a night out. Not only is the square beautiful in itself - in the surrounding streets the density of good bars and pubs is enormous. For example,  Holy Home is only a few steps away from Gärtnerplatz, as is the old-established café bar Trachtenvogl or the Baader Café. You can breathe the air of a traditional bavarian pub in Burg Pappenheim in Klenzestraße - and since the reopening of the Gärtnerplatztheater, you will find there the Salon Pritzelberger, an extravagant theatre pub with a small stage.




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