What you can always do in Maxvorstadt

Autoverkehr auf der Ludwigstraße Richtung Odeonsplatz

8 special tips for Maxvorstadt

It's in the mix! Students, hipsters and long-term inhabitants live together in Maxvorstadt in harmony. 8 things you can always do in this exciting district.

Visit roaring pubs and hip shops in the university district

Brunnen am Geschwister-Scholl-Platz

Fashion changes, as does the taste in music and maybe political views do also evolve. But some things do remain the way they were: in the university quarter around LMU and TU the students have been flocking to some pubs and restaurants for many decades. One of these evergreen pubs is "Alter Simpl" at Türkenstraße, as well as "Atzinger" on Schellingstraße or "Türkenhof" around the corner. Here, young and very old students drink their beers together and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. The huge pizzas at the restaurant "Bei Mario" in Adalbertstraße - supposedly the oldest pizzeria in Munich - have been legendary for many years.

But you are mistaken thinking that time has stood still in the university quarter: in hardly any other neighbourhood in Munich you will find so many hip bars, shops and restaurants! It's no coincidence that the queue in front of "Der verrückte Eismacher" (translates as "The crazy Ice-maker") on Türkenstraße is always so long, and the same applies to "Ballabeni" in Theresienstraße. The restaurants "Italian Shot" and "Ciao Ragazzi" offer pizza with modern flair, and with "Türkitch", Munich's hippest kebab shop has opened a spot in the quarter - with a very fitting adress: Türkenstr. 21.

Experience culture at its best in the Museum quarter

Frühling vor der Pinakothek der Moderne im Museumsviertel, Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal
Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal

Three Pinakothek museums, the Lenbachhaus, Glyptothek, Collection of Antiques and the NS Documentation Center - and all of this on a very small space in Maxvorstadt. The so-called Museumsviertel (Museum quarter) offers a density of high-class culture that other cities envy Munich for. Not to mention the fact that Königsplatz itself is a top-notch sight and probably gets photographed more often per day than any Hollywood diva does. But let us go one step further and emphasize the leisure value of the whole art area. In front of and between the museums and the antique gorgeous buildings there are so many beautiful green areas where one can perfectly relax and play football. And when the sun goes down in the evening, it's not unusual for someone to bring along a guitar and a spontaneous jam session to pop up.

Watch the trams driving past Karolinenplatz

Tram am Karolinenplatz, Foto: 2017 MVV GmbH
Foto: 2017 MVV GmbH

Karolinenplatz may not (any longer) get the same attention as the neighbouring Königsplatz with all its splendour does - but it is still a square with lots to offer. The huge obelisk in the middle of the square is a relict of Napoleon Bonapartes Russian campaign - it gets decorated with beautiful flowers from spring onwards. At its bottom you can relax on big stone steps and watch the hustle and bustle around you. But the biggest charm of Karolinenplatz are the trams of the lines 27 and 28, which drive through the middle of the roundabout. Here you may really feel the pulse of big city life.

Hang out in hip or cozy cafes

Gute Gespräche im Café Kosmos, Foto: Lukas Schirmer
Foto: Lukas Schirmer

Not many Munich districts offer you as many cafés as Maxvorstadt does -  no wonder, given the huge number of students around! In addition to many standardized coffee shops, there are some very special cafés that you should definitely visit on a stroll through the quarter.

The "Café Kosmos" (photo) with its hipster charm, retro furniture and spiral staircase is actually more of a bar. But of course you can also get a good coffee here during the day. If you are crazy about cats, the "Café Katzentempel" is your place to be. Don't be surprised if a four-legged friend strolls around your legs or you hear purring noises from behind you - the cats are part of the interior design here. The best place to enjoy a cappuccino with a view is the "Vorhoelzer Forum" on the rooftop terrace of the TU main building. The "Cadu" enjoys a legendary reputation among the student body directly opposite the main building of Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU). And " Café Puck" has witnessed as much throughout the years as one would expect in view of the rustic dark wood decoration. You'll find real coffee specialists at "Dinatale", because here the barista's craft is still celebrated - and you'll definitely taste that with every cup. Last but not least, we recommend the sweet "Café Lotti" - that is if you like the colour pink. The charming shop focuses strongly on pastel shades.

Smell the flowers at the old botanical garden

Alter Botanischer Garten, Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/Leonie Liebich

Maxvorstadt does not have so many parks to offer - the Alter Botanischer Garten (Old Botanical Garden) is the largest and most beautiful of them. Countless beautiful flowers and a few exotic trees will remind you of its former function. But the biggest eye-catcher is probably the huge Neptune Fountain, where you can perfectly refresh yourself on hot days. The Old Botanical Garden also scores with its location: from here it is only a stone's throw to Königsplatz, the main railway station or Stachus - depending on the direction.

Let the beer jugs rattle at the Augustiner beer garden

Das Augustinerbräu, Foto: muenchen.de/Falk Heller
Foto: muenchen.de/Falk Heller

5,000 seats and a very long history: It is not for nothing that the beer garden belonging to the Augustinerkeller appears in just about every Munich travel guide. And yet you almost always get a seat here. The amount of regular guests is high - no wonder, given the unique and very cosy atmosphere. Augustinerkeller is the undisputed number one beer garden in the district.

Enjoy life at Josephsplatz

Der erneuerte Josephsplatz Sommer 2016: Überblick Kirche und Grünanlage, Foto: muenchen.de/Dan Vauelle
Foto: muenchen.de/Dan Vauelle

This square actually lies on the border between Maxvorstadt and its neighbouring district Schwabing-West. But let's not debate where it belongs to, since Josephsplatz is, in any case, a beautiful little square with a great atmosphere. Of course, the playground in front of the picturesque Josephskirche (St. Joseph's Church) is a great place for kids, but older students can also relax here. There are not too many cars around and in general, the whole place radiates a wonderful calmness. And if your stomach growls: within walking distance down Augustenstraße you will find nice restaurants and cafés, such as "Café Josefina" or the Greek "Taverna Lakis".

Watch foreign language films at the "Cinema"

Das Cinema in München, Foto: Cinema
Foto: Cinema

Of course, there are many cinemas in Munich, but none is like the "Cinema": Here you'll watch only original versions, mostly in English. But also French films are shown here in their original version from time to time. Before or after, treat yourself to something good in the Löwenbräukeller on Stiglmaierplatz - just a few metres down Nymphenburger Straße.




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