What you can always do in Munich's Lehel district

Der St.-Anna-Platz im Lehel im Sommer, Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read
Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read St.-Anna-Platz is one of the most beautiful squares in Munich - and is located in the Lehel

The beauty of Lehel: squares, museums, cafés and more

A posh residential area right next to the English Garden: this summary does not do justice to the Lehel district in any way! This part of Munich is as beautiful as it is versatile - see our tips for proof.

Italian piazza atmosphere at St.-Anna-Platz

In Munich, a "Platz" (square) is not always a square in the common definition - sometimes, the name signifies little more than a large road junction. But at St. Anna-Platz in Lehel (photo above) you can be sure to find a real square, a "piazza" in the best sense of the word, lending the place an Italian flair. In front of the beautiful parish church of St. Anna and opposite the monastery of the same name, you sit under large sunshades, enjoying pizza, vino or a coffee and nothing less than life. Only a few cars drive by, so that sometimes children can play in the street. And the square even has cultural highlights to offer: At the building with the number 2, a plaque commemorates famous Munich-born author Lion Feuchtwanger, who spent part of his childhood here.

Marvel at monumental architecture

Das Gebäude der Regierung von Oberbayern, Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read
Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read

Photographers, bring along the wide-angle lens! You will need it if you want to capture the Regierung of Oberbayern (Building of the Government of Upper Bavaria) completely in the picture frame. The building on Maximilianstraße stretches on an impressive length of 180 meters. With its monumental splendor, the building, completed in 1864 by star architect Friedrich Bürklein, is not alone in the Lehel, however. The Haus der Kunst is also not exactly modest in size and is a first-class eye-catcher. Also located in the district, the St.-Lukas-Kirche (Church of St. Luke) and the historic city gate Isartor should not be missing from such a list - even if the latter appears almost miniature in comparison to the Regierung of Oberbayern.

Visit one of Munich's most beautiful churches

Kirche St. Lukas an der Isar, Foto: muenchen.de/Lukas Fleischmann
Foto: muenchen.de/Lukas Fleischmann

It surely is a landmark of the Lehel, and that is for a good reason. Starting with its prime location, enthroned directly on the banks of the Isar river, the Protestant St.-Lukas-Kirche (church of St. Luke) has so much to offer: It is not only a real eye-catcher from the other side of the river, but also from Mariannanplatz in its "back side".  The church dome is 64 metres high and the two towers are also hard to miss. Don't forget to have a look at the interior of St.-Lukas-Kirche, which is beautifully illuminated on special occasions, such as concerts.

Discover beautiful cafés and bars

Café Dukatz im Lehel, Foto: muenchen.de/ Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/ Leonie Liebich

A relaxed and quiet neighbourhood like Lehel is perfectly suited for nice cafés. And of course you'll find them here too! The Patisserie Dukatz on St.-Anna-Platz offers coffee and all kinds of French delicacies. Italian flair can be found around the corner at La Stanza. You can get a special café experience at Fräulein Grüneis in the English Garden, just a few metres behind the Bavarian National Museum, where many a drenched Eisbach surfer stops by to warm up. Speaking of museums: The numerous museums in the district are of course not lacking in café offers. A special tip is the Golden Bar in the Haus der Kunst - you rarely drink your coffee in such style. In summer you will surely enjoy the terrace with a view of the greenery in the English Garden.

Admire beautiful facades

Fassade in der Liebherrstraße im Lehel, Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read
Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read There are some picturesque facades in the Lehel - like here in the Liebherrstraße

It is no coincidence that the Lehel is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Munich: close to the centre and blessed with so many beautiful Gründerzeit houses! Especially in the southern part of the quarter around the church St. Lukas, one eye-catcher follows the next. Take a walk between Mariannenplatz, Liebherrstraße, Kanalstraße and Thierschstraße and you will be amazed! But the Lehel also offers great photo opportunities in other places. The facade of the Hotel Opéra on St.-Anna-Platz, for example, is really weirdly playful.

Experience Variety Culture at the GOP

GOP Theater im Lehel, Foto: muenchen.de/ Leonie Liebich
Foto: muenchen.de/ Leonie Liebich

If you see artists, dancers and variety comedies in the GOP today, you are on historic ground. Because until 2007, the "Kleine Komödie am Max II", which was an integral part of Munich's theatre scene for decades, was staged here. Among others Heinz Rühmann, Johannes Heesters and Uschi Glas performed on the boards that mean the world. With the GOP Varieté-Theater a more modern touch has moved into the building at the height of the Max II monument. But you can still expect the very best entertainment is still guaranteed - not least also because food and drinks are always served during the performances.

Drinking a fresh beer in rustic inns

Tattenbach, Foto: Tattenbach
Foto: Tattenbach

It is no coincidence that the Tattenbach inn is a listed landmark building: frescoes and paintings on the walls, lederhosen on the ceiling, rustic wooden furnishings - here you will find everything a genuine Bavarian inn and traditional restaurant needs. And what's more, it's in a prime location right next to Thierschplatz. Because the Lehel is so beautifully small, the next rustic tavern is just a few metres down the road with the Liebighof. Near the St.-Lukas-Kirche there is even a third cosy beer house, the Mariannenhof, where the evenings fly by surprisingly fast.

Constantly falling in love with the English Garden

Wasserfall im Englischen Garten, Foto: muenchen.de/ Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/ Michael Hofmann

Did you know? Administratively, the southern part of the English Garden belongs to the Lehel district. And that makes sense - a beautiful quarter deserves a uniquely beautiful park. The Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) with it's world-famous beer garden or the Monopteros temple are listed in every single travel guide about Munich for good reasons. But besides these well-known spots, the English Garden will make you fall in love over in over again at so many other places. For example, you only have to venture in a few meters from the Eisbach wave with its surfer crowd. At the Kiosk Fräulein Grüneis you can relax with soda or beer, at the Japanese Teahouse you can watch geese, and then there are the mighty rushing waterfalls in the immediate vicinity. Just sit down, close your eyes and let the sound work. Who wouldn't want to live in the Lehel, where this scenery is practically on your doorstep?

Going on a cultural walk

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

If you leave beside Maxvorstadt with its museum district, no other Munich district can offer such a density of museums as the Lehel does. Here, an impressive list of cultural highlights is packed into a relatively small area. You can easily take a walk from Haus der Kunst to the Bavarian National Museum, on to the Schack Collection and from there - with a stop in the art foyer - to the Museum Fünf Kontinente. Afterwards, you will be glad you made the effort and will feel enriched by invaluable sensory impressions. This is truly unique to the Lehel.




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