Purchasing or selling a house or building in Munich


If you want to buy a flat or house in or around Munich, the most convenient way is to consult our online real estate market place, the link to which you can find below.

Please note the following when buying or selling real estate in Germany:

  • In Germany, rent is calculated not by the number of rooms in the house or flat, but by the number of square meters. The number of rooms listed in flat or house advertisements includes all rooms except kitchen and bathrooms.
  • German houses and apartment buildings normally have cellars; if you rent or buy a flat, part of the cellar will be allotted to you as a storage room.


  • Wohnen - living (accomodation purposes only)
  • Gewerbe - trading (business purposes only)
  • Eigentumswohnung - owned flat
  • Mietwohnung - hired flat
  • Doppelhaus - two semi-detached houses
  • Doppelhaushälfte - semi-detached house
  • Reihenhaus - terraced house
  • Freistehendes Haus - detached house
  • Wohn- und Geschäftshaus - a building used for housing and business
  • Wohnhaus - apartment block
  • Zimmer - room
  • Küche - kitchen
  • Dusche - shower
  • Bad - bathroom
  • Keller - cellar


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